Dreaming September 22, 2010

Having dreams is kind of new to me, I had lots of them when I was like 15, like being a lawyer, senator, missionary, chef and Olympic ice skater. As well as being a mother with tons of children of my own as well as all the unloved children from around the world that I was going to rescue someday.

Further into my teens my ideas and inspirations were narrowed more and more into what my parents wanted from me. It made no sense to enjoy or study anything that was not compatible with being a stay at home mom, it would just be a waste of money and time if you would have to give up the minute you got married. This narrowed the list considerably. Being a lawyer or senator would be impossible as a mother, even cooking school was frowned on, because I would never make that fancy stuff to feed my family, and I was never going to run a restaurant, so what was the point of wasting all that time learning to be a chef?

In many ways I have been living as a stay-at-home for most of my life.

Reading Stephs whimsy post made me realize just how much dreaming I’ve been doing lately. It feels amazing to have personal goals and dreams again, as well as a husband who fully supports any and all of them! For the first time in my life (which is ironic considering I now have 3 small children) I feel as though the sky is the limit.

So here are some of my current dreams and ideas (not in any particular order), feel free to share some of your own in the comments!

I want to get the nose ring I’ve always wanted.

I want to sponsor at least one compassion child.

I want to write a book. I have so many novels floating around in my head.

I think it would be awesome to become a Counselor. I find myself reading all kinds of books on mental health. Maybe I will study it someday.

I dream of living like gypsies in Europe for a few years.

I have always wanted to live in Mexico and learn Spanish.

I would still love to learn more about cooking and baking.

I dream of talking honestly with my parents about my childhood and having a better relationship than we do now.

I still dream of helping/adopting children.

I want to keep up with the year book for each of my children.

I want to raise children that are empowered to live their own lives and impact the lives of others for good.

I want my marriage to continue to grow more amazing every day.

What are your dreams?

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