Breakfast Links for 10/30/12: Trick or Tract, Persecution Perspectives, Not Revival but Revolution

Breakfast Links for 10/30/12: Trick or Tract, Persecution Perspectives, Not Revival but Revolution October 30, 2012


Adrian Warnock, Patheos: “I look at your media, your political adverts, your adversarial debates, and I wonder, how long before your nation tears itself apart? Can either of the candidates unite the land?”

Frank Viola, Patheos: ““What is needed in the body of Christ is not restoration. It’s not even revival. What is needed is a revolution—a complete and radical change from top to bottom, a new sighting of Jesus Christ and His church, and a change of both mind-set and practice.”

Elizabeth Scalia, Patheos: “These are not unreasonable questions, and they’re the questions Brian Williams and Chris Matthews and the New York Times and every other news outlet would — quite justifiably — be asking of any other president, particularly if he had an R after his name. And yet, the press will not ask them of Obama.”

Ann Althouse, Althouse: Why Camille Paglia Won’t Vote for Obama This Time

Karen Spears Zacharias, Patheos: “Perhaps Ms. O ought to consider doing a photo op with Mama? Perhaps she can spend a day at Mama’s bedside, drying my mother’s tears when she weeps over the fact that she wants more time with her family.”

Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post: The Rise of Hate in the Age of Obama

Erin Straza, Patheos: “Dr. Newberg found that “in Judeo-Christian prayer, the frontal lobe activates just as it would in normal conversation. To the brain, talking to God is indistinguishable from talking to a person…. For people from other religious backgrounds, their brains did not activate in the same way…. And when atheists were asked to meditate, their brains were not active at all because to them, ‘God is unimaginable:’”

Joseph Curl, Washington Times: Don’t Throw the CIA Under the Bus

Owen Strachan, Patheos: “Persecution does afford the chance to suffer with Christ; it may, as well, toughen us up.  But we should never think that it is inherently good.  It is not.  It is inherently evil.”

Dr. Richard Land, Christian Post: The Most Important Election in 150 Years?

Joe Carter, Patheos: “It’s been more than thirty years since Chick tracts damaged my fragile psyche but it appears that some otherwise well-meaning Christians are willing to subject a whole new generation to this horror.”

Joshua Hawley, Patheos: “On the contrary, a kingdom-inspired approach to politics would give up trying to Christianize the state altogether. The reason is found in the state’s unique mission. God’s mandates for state and church are distinct, as Romans 13, to take one example, makes abundantly clear.”

Reid J. Epstein, Politico: Team Obama says “We’re Going to Win”


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