President Obama Discusses Ebola

President Obama Discusses Ebola October 18, 2014

President Obama summarizes what’s happening with Ebola in the US.

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2 responses to “President Obama Discusses Ebola”

  1. I’ve just read several articles from professionals regarding handling Ebola and other communicable diseases. These are folks who have worked in major public health crises like this Ebola outbreak and the last one in Africa, Typhoid and a couple other things. Most are with Samaritan’s Purse. They know what they are talking about. CDC guidelines and infectious disease management in US hospitals is not sufficient. For example, they did not recommend double gloves nor shoe and leg covering, nor even having all skin covered.
    It looks to me that the people who have taken over the CDC and many other agencies, some of which I am personally involved with, are concerned more with politics, optics, ideology, political correctness, “sensitivity” and making sure all the boxes are checked than with outcomes. That is a bigger crisis than Ebola. Our government is not responding, they have a picture of reality that is not real. Our president seems unable to assess any situation and address it. Instead he brings in another lawyer, political operative to manage damage control and keep blame away from him.

  2. Didn’t he say a couple of weeks ago it was unlikely Ebola would come to our shores? Given his incredible managerial skills (ha!) and his record of accomplishments (ha!), he just inspires confidence. Ha!