History of the Crusades: President Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Comments

History of the Crusades: President Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Comments May 13, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by http://maps.bpl.org
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by http://maps.bpl.org

I’m going to backtrack for today’s video. This video is a discussion of President Obama’s comments about the Crusades at the 2015 National Prayer Breakfast.

I decided to put these videos on Public Catholic because of the president’s comments. Inaccurate history is used by Christian bashers to attack Christianity every single day. Christians do not know enough history to reply or deal with this intelligently. That needs to change.

After I finish with this series of videos on the Crusades, I’m going to take up the ignorant mis-use of Scripture to bash Christians.

We are living in a time in which Christians are the new group of people that it is ok to attack, bash, haze and hate. I see it all the time in crazy mean hate blogs and their crazy mean authors. I’ve encountered it repeatedly at certain political gatherings. It’s out there for everyone to see in the constant drip-drip-drip of anti-Christian articles in the press. We get a continuous battering from televised specials about Jesus which consistently seek to attack the veracity of the Gospels. It’s Lent, with Easter coming, so we’re going to see a lot of that right now.

Then there is the false history, the anti-history, about the Crusades and all other Christian history. You can be sure that whether the topic is the Black Death or the fall of Rome, there will be a jibe against Christians and Christianity in there somewhere. In fact, most of the time, anti-Christian propaganda pretending to be history will be prominent. What you will not see is any mention of the civilization-building power of Christianity, or the development of human rights because of the teachings of Christ. Some of these slanders in the popular media are distortions, but  a lot of it is direct lying.

Americans aren’t just ignorant of the truth, they are actively and aggressively being taught lies about Christianity and Christian history by the popular media. The media appears to be working in tandem with aggressive Christian bashers in an effort to destroy the faith of Christians in this country. The president’s speech, as well as a lot of other things he’s said and done, is an indication of how deep this hatred of Christians runs in certain circles.

It is no accident that we are witnessing an on-going genocide of Christians in a whole region of the world. These two things are, as they always are, tied together. Verbal hazing, degrading propaganda, lies and slanders of a whole people, are the intellectual scaffolding on which those who would commit genocide stand.

We really need to stop dismissing these constant attacks on our faith and ourselves as if they don’t matter. We also need to stop being overawed by the verbal violence and self-proclaimed authority of our attackers. I am not counseling a descent into the slime pit of public discourse alongside them. What I am suggesting is that Christians make the effort to learn the truth so that the lies will not impact us.

Equipping Christians to deal with this post-Christian culture is the primary purpose of Public Catholic. The first step is overcoming ignorance of their faith and their history among Christians themselves.

Christians do not need to apologize for Jesus Christ. We need to stand for Him without fear or equivocation.

I am aware that there are Islamic teachings which lead to a more peaceful application of that faith. I think that the interpretation referenced here is an accurate depiction of of the application of Islamic teachings of a thousand years ago. It also seems that it is still relevant to Islamic extremists today.

I want to emphasize that this video discusses events which happened almost over a thousand years ago. The reason I am posting it here is to correct the inaccurate  history of the Crusades which is being used in the popular media to attack and degrade Christians and Christianity.


Read more: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/publiccatholic/2015/03/history-of-the-crusades-the-first-crusade-1099/#ixzz3TWbP6IeR

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2 responses to “History of the Crusades: President Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Comments”

  1. We need to start recognizing why it is happening- and why it is happening, are certain non-Christian theologies coming from not one direction, but three. Salafi Islam, Muwahiddun Islam, and Atheist Environmentalism. What do these three have in common? A violent denial of Imago Dei, of the dignity and worth of the human individual.

  2. Some Christians do. Such as yours truly.But the trouble is that real history, treated with scholarly exactitude, is a double-edged sword. I have had people asking me to defend the Crusades from a Christian point of view, in the face of the usual kind of trashing. Well, of course, to rip apart things like the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” is pitifully easy; but the trouble is that, taking a broader view, defending the crusades as a Christian enterprise runs into serious problems. And our enemies are generally so historically illiterate that they would receive any distinguo, any attempt at shading, any attempt, indeed, at placing the Crusades in their culture-historical and socio-historical background, as backsliding and confirmation of their ignorant prejudice. So I am in a cleft stick. If I say: “The Crusades were all in all a negative development in Christianity; there is a direct line of development from the crusades against Albigensians and the Fourth Crusade, through the Hussite wars and all the way to the religious wars of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, and some related events preluded both to the colonialist future of Europe and to the reintroduction of slavery in a Christian West that had abolished it”, do you think they would pay any attention to my placing these statement in their background and in a much larger contest? They would jump up and down and yell that I had admitted that the Crusades were uniquely evil and that Christianity was uniquely evil. Which is of course the exact opposite of anything I would want to say. (Even at their worst, the Crusades were nothing as bad as the wars of Gengis Khan and his successors, who routinely killed people in the millions,let alone to jihad.) But the educational level is so low that I don’t know how to argue in such a way as not to make them feel – absurdly – that they have got me to prove their point. And where ignorance does not reach, ill-will does; the moment one is getting close to getting a sense of the complexity of facts and motives across, they will often just turn on you and reject everything with a crass hostility they believe to be witty. they do not want to listen; they experience facts and arguments as temptations to be resisted.