Archbishop Blogs from Inside the Synod

Archbishop Blogs from Inside the Synod October 23, 2015

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons by
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons by

Want an insider’s view of the Synod? Check out Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s blog. He gives a daily update on the doings from his catbird seat on the inside. It’s engaging, informative and fun.

Here’s a sample:

When we made it back into the Hall yesterday, the Secretary General said the Pope wanted to say a word. My ears pricked up. This Pope doesn’t take the microphone just for the sake of it. What’s going on here, I thought. Well, again he caught us on the hop. For some time there have been rumblings that we may have a couple of new Congregations in the Roman Curia, and the Pope took this opportunity to announce one of them – a Congregation for the Laity, Family and Life.

Not sure why he chose this moment to make the announcement. It may have been a way of saying that things are moving in Rome in order to counteract a sense that has emerged at times in the Synod that nothing either is moving or should move. A gesture against immobilism? Who knows?

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3 responses to “Archbishop Blogs from Inside the Synod”

  1. I liked the mitre so much I went to read the blog. Abp Coleridge is very amusing, a little sarcastic and normal. One quote:
    “Off we went, pressing our little voting machines at the seats. The trouble started when the technology failed in one of the three sections of the Hall. We were voting for Europe. We all agreed that Europe had always been a problem. Technicians were called and ran from all directions. I didn’t realise we had so many technicians looking after a system that is so erratic. It might be better to have a new system and fewer technicians … but the union mightn’t like that.”
    Europe is always a problem. Ha! Well, he didn’t mention Arians.
    This is worth reading. His comments are intelligent and informative.
    Maybe he’d like to move here.
    Oh, and I’m thinking I might have to make a mitre like that. I do ecclesiastical embroidery.

  2. To be honest, I’m confused as to what came out of the synod. I hear both sides of the marriage position claim victory. Did church teaching change on this? What does it mean it’s left for conscience? That’s like the worst of all worlds. But I assume I’m hearing it incorrectly. I have not seen a good summation of the results anywhere. Can you set me right, Rebecca?