5 Quick Takes on the Trump Travel Ban

5 Quick Takes on the Trump Travel Ban January 31, 2017


Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, by Fibonacci Blue https://www.flickr.com/photos/fibonacciblue/
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, by Fibonacci Blue https://www.flickr.com/photos/fibonacciblue/

For what it’s worth, I support the idea of immigration reform, including limiting immigration from countries with which we are engaged in hostilities.

I do think the roll-out on the Executive order which touched off all these demonstrations was amateurish, as was the wording of the order itself. It had way too much sloppy, off-the-cuff verbiage, where unintended consequences could and did occur.

Pushback on something like this is to be expected. That’s why presidents are usually not so careless in how they draft these things. Governance takes a lot more thought and hard work than sloganeering. That’s because governance is the real deal, with real consequences on real people’s lives.

Here are a few bits of reportage on the topic of the recent immigration executive order. I chose them based on the fact that they were not trying to scandalize, but were simply reporting the situation. I am putting them before my readers in an effort to encourage you to think and let think.

Every side has another side, and good laws are made by respecting that other side and listening to what they have to say, then revising if there is merit to the criticisms.

That’s called thinking, and working toward the common good.

From the Telegraph, Trump’s travel ban explained in 90 seconds.

Another objective bit of reporting from CBS.

Trump supporter, defends travel ban on British TV.

Former Iraqi interpreter for US speaks in support of the ban.

A calm and open discussion without name-calling and craziness from PBS.


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7 responses to “5 Quick Takes on the Trump Travel Ban”

  1. I’m big on “without name- calling and craziness”, having spent way to much time in the swamps of Facebook. I will learn… yes I will.

    I generally agree with your comments, but note that we are not actually engaged in hostilities with the banned countries at the moment, and that attacks on American soil are not by refugees from the banned countries. Syria can be considered an exception, since the previous administrating bombed the heck out of them. But we have a lot of Syrian refugees here in North Texas, and they seem to be working out well.

    All of that said, I still think that very good refugee camps closer to their home culture would be good. The best of housing, food, education, trauma counseling, job training as needed. I’m betting building trades will be in demands when the war ends.

  2. I know that we aren’t engaged in formal hostilities with them, and that we are engaged in undeclared hostilities with nation’s not only list. The list also does not include areas that have been linked to terrorism around the globe. I could go on. I didn’t intend to give them impressions that I support this poorly-drawn executive order as it stands. It’s a mess. But I do support the principle of immigration reform, including limiting immigration from selected places around the globe where our national security, esp where are national security it concerned.

  3. But only a few of nations have had nationals who actually have engaged in hostilities against our country, and none of them are on the list? How ridiculous to fear folks who have done nohing?

  4. Just a note, 90% of the refugees are in camps close to their homes, in safe parts of Syria, and in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. The Christian leaders have particularly begged the Christian people to stay close so the 2,000 year old Christian presence is not lost.

  5. That’s just DT—make everyone a suspect—kids, older citizens, etc. The fact he didn’t list those countries that he has done business with—such as Saudi Arabia is telling as to his objective.

  6. Actually, he used a list created in 2015 by the Obama administration of countries “harboring terrorists”. He does ask the relevant agencies to modify the list.