Want a Happier Marriage? Try This

Want a Happier Marriage? Try This August 28, 2019

what to do when you're unhappy in your marriageGod is love. He wants you to be happy.

That’s what I told myself when I was miserable in my marriage.

A loving god wouldn’t want me to be miserable the rest of my life.

I finally concluded, “The God of love doesn’t want me to be married. At least not to this guy.”

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I thought I needed a new husband.

While it’s true God is love and He wants you to be happy, that doesn’t mean He wants you to leave your marriage.*

After much frustration and disappointment, I learned the secret to a happier marriage.

It’s simple. But it’s not easy.

What I learned about a happy marriage was counter-intuitive to everything I’d ever heard about a happy marriage.

I learned the fastest way to change my marriage is to change the way I think about my marriage and my husband.

The first time someone said that to me I thought she was out of her mind. Then I thought,  “Why am I always the one who has to change something to make our marriage better?”

It seemed so unfair until I realized the only person I can control is me.

And the way I think about my husband is up to me.

The way I think about him dictates the way I treat him.

Change my thoughts; change my actions.

It was easy to criticize my husband. It was easy to think about what he did wrong and complain about it.

But what if I focused on what he did right and acted like I appreciated it?

When I changed my focus, I started to change the way I treated him.

I started to notice the things he did right. And the more I noticed things he did “right,” it seemed like he did more things “right.”

He seemed to grow more attentive and wanted to be around me more.

When I changed the way I treated him, he changed the way he responded to me.

The secret to a happier marriage is developing a new perspective about my husband and marriage.

Developing a new attitude is directly related to expectations. If I expect the best, I see the best. When I expect the worst, I see the worst.

I wish I’d made the connection between attitude and expectations earlier in my marriage.

When I wasn’t so busy pointing out the things he did wrong, I was able to appreciate the things he did.

When I changed my perspective and made him think he could make me happy, he moved closer to me emotionally.

It may seem counter-intuitive when things are hard in your marriage, but treating your husband better will change the way he responds to you.

Your husband wants to make you happy. It may not seem like it right now, but he does. Try changing the way you respond to him. Smile more. Let him know when he does something you like.

Instead of getting a new husband, I got a new attitude. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you get a new attitude.

*This does not refer to cases of abuse. If you are being abused, get to a safe place immediately. Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233.

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