Mother is “An Unrelated Gestational Carrier”?

Mother is “An Unrelated Gestational Carrier”? July 4, 2014

There’s a picture online of a couple of homosexual fellas who used modern medical technology to get themselves a baby, and there’s an internet buzz about the story.

Let’s put the homosex issue on one side and ask some other questions…

The woman who gave birth is referred to as “an unrelated gestational carrier.”

In other words, “the child’s mother.”

One assumes that the unrelated gestational carrier was paid for her services.

“Are there no women who are incensed by this treatment of a woman as a kind of baby machine?  Is this what women should get paid for? How is this different from prostitution? Are feminists not asking these ethical questions?”

Isn’t anyone at all creeped out by this woman being treated as some kind of a human test tube? So the woman has no name, no identity, no personality? Is it fair that this little boy will never know the mother who carried him for nine months?

Mothers out there–did you not bond with your children while they were growing in your womb? Was not the child’s birth the culmination and continuation of that bonding? What kind of a woman carries an artificially conceived child for money then simply spits it out like a vending machine?

Those who support this kind of monstrous motherhood will say, “She consented. She was well paid. What’s the problem?”

The same answer must surely be given about prostitutes and porn actresses. In fact, the same answer must be given for women who work in sweatshops providing consumer goods for greedy Americans and the same answer must be given for women who work long hours in horrible jobs anywhere in the world.

In these situations feminists quite rightly say women are being abused by men. But it’s okay for them men to fiddle about with genetic material, put that stuff into the woman, pay her and then take the baby and then show her the door. “Wham, Bam Thank You Ma’am.”

Why would we stick up (quite rightly) for the dignity and rights of women in those situations, but the “unrelated gestational carrier” is presumably to be congratulated for her part in this creepy business?

Society says the unrelated gestational carrier is “a partner in a wonderful new medical breakthrough” but the prostitute is scum?

Maybe somebody can help me out here…


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