Is “Conservative Dissent” Brewing Inside the Vatican?

It’s the progressives who manipulated the procedures in the first round of the synod last Autumn. It was the progressives who tried to stop a book defending true church teaching from getting into the hands of synod participants. It’s the progressives who tried to marginalize the Africans (who are virtually all traditionalist in their views on the family) It was the progressives who suggested that the Africans weren’t worth listening to.

There is no conservative dissent in the Vatican. “Dissent” is rebellion against orthodox Catholic beliefs and against the status quo and the establishment. To suggest that the conservatives are “dissenting” is to assume that the progressives’ position is what Bruce Caitlyn Jenner calls “the new normal.”

The progressive position is not “the new normal” it’s the old abnormal. “Abnormal” is actually a good word for the dissenting position because the dissenter (which is another name for heretic) is always trying to promote a half  truth, and a half truth is more abnormal than either the truth in all its splendor or an outright lie.

In Catholic terms one who dissents from the fullness of Catholic truth is mixing lies with truth. They’re selling watered down wine, and that’s abnormal.

People should get it straight. Conservative Catholics aren’t dissenting from anything.

We’re loyal to the pope, loyal to the church and loyal to the faith once delivered to the saints.

It’s the progressives who dissent, and their dissent is indecent.

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