Ten Reasons Why the Rosary is Powerful

6. The Sub Linguistic is Accessed – Much of our soul work takes place in the realm of emotions. Emotions are not linguistic nor are they imaginative. They are just raw emotions. We feel angry. We feel rage. We feel lust. We feel bliss. We feel peace. True emotions are irrational and unexplainable. The  emotional area of the soul is also the area where we have our foundational experiences. In the mother’s womb and in the pre-linguistic stages of life we experience life in an irrational and emotional way. As we pray the rosary and the linguistic channel is occupied and the imaginative channel is occupied the Holy Spirit can access the sub linguistic, deep down, raw experiences of our earliest days. If there are wounds and bad emotional memories there Mother Mary can heal them.

7. The Healing Mysteries are Applied I have written more about how this works in my book Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing but suffice it to say that as we pray the rosary, the mysteries of Christ’s birth, ministry, passion and glory are opened up and the Holy Spirit applies them to our own inner needs. Where there are impurities they are purged, where there are bad memories, they are healed. Where there are wounds, Doctor Jesus and Nurse Mary minister to our needs.

8. Spiritual Warfare is Engaged – Satan hates the rosary. He hates Mary. He hates the gospel. He hates God. He hates Christ the Lord. He hates the Lord’s Prayer. He hates the Hail Mary. He hates you. Every time you pray the rosary, because of what I outlined above, you are entering the territory that he wants to claim as his own. He wants control over your will. You take that from him. He wants control over your speech. You take that from him. He wants control over your imagination. You take that from him. He wants control over your emotions and your early life. You take that from him.

9. The Battle Against Evil in the Word in Opened – I have written more about this in my second book on the rosary called Praying the Rosary for Spiritual W arfare. Here I can say that in many ways the mysteries of the gospel bring alive Christ’s victory over Satan and by praying the rosary we can apply those victories against Satan’s work in the world.

10. It is Accessible and Easy for All – The fantastically amazing thing about the rosary is that God does this very deep healing work in individual lives and in the world in this most accessible and easy way. No need for long sessions of psychoanalysis or counseling for most people. Instead ordinary men, women and boys and girls can simply pray the rosary. All these good things happen even when they are unaware that these deep aspect of praying the rosary are taking place. It doesn’t matter who–an old peasant woman or a smart college professor, a little child or a busy mom. Billions of Catholics. All can pray the rosary.

So stop complaining and get busy praying!

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