10 Reasons Why the Rosary Is Powerful

10 Reasons Why the Rosary Is Powerful January 10, 2017

Rosary01Saints say it. Popes say it.

The Rosary is a powerful weapon against evil. But have you stopped to figure out why?

Here are ten reasons why the Rosary prayer is the most powerful and how you can use it most fully.

  1. It Engages Your Will  – The human will is powerful because it is a sharing in God’s power. He gives us the will to choose to do good or choose to do evil, and that will, in and of itself, is a powerful weapon in the spiritual realm. That’s why Satan seeks to enslave us and incapacitate our will through addictions. When our will is joined with God’s will through prayer we literally tap into God’s own power source.
  2. It is Physical – God has given us bodies and souls. Angels–and this includes demons–are purely spiritual creatures. They have no physical form and are therefore inferior to us. When we pray the rosary we use our bodies. We hold the rosary beads which include a crucifix. If possible we should adopt an intentionally physical posture for prayer–either walking, kneeling or sitting attentively. If possible we should also use other physical sacramentals like blessed candles, holy water, maybe some incense and holy pictures or statues. When we use the physical aspects of prayer we are using tools that we have and which Satan does not have.
  3. It Engages our Linguistic Functions – God has not only given us bodies. He has given us physical speech. We have tongues to praise him. We have vocal chords and breath to speak and sing. Satan does not have the means of physical speech. Animals do not have physical speech. Humans do. Therefore we should pray the rosary out loud moving our lips. This engages our physical bodies and our intellect through which we are able to produce speech.
  4. It Involves Our Imagination – The non-verbal part of our mind communicates through imagery. We not only think with language, but we think in pictures. Satan likes to captivate our imagination through sinful images. These images can be communicated through internet, television or any visual stimulus, but he also want our imagination to dwell in images that are destructive. So our imagination can be used for lustful fantasies, violent imaginations against our enemies or indulging in negative memories. When we meditate on the mysteries of the rosary we engage that channel of our mind in a positive and purifying way. Meditating on the mysteries therefore cleanses our imagination and engages and uses the imagination to promote God’s will rather than evil.
  5. The Rosary Occupies the Language Facility – In order to allow the imagination to be properly cleansed through meditation it helps to switch into imagination mode. Unfortunately our minds usually function in a linguistic mode–using speech and speech concepts to think through problems, think about the future, plan what comes next etc. By praying the rosary this channel of our mind is occupied and the doors can open to the imagination and what I call the “sub linguistic” parts of our being. Continue Reading.

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