Ten Reasons Why the Women’s March Will Come to Nothing

6. Its Only About Rage I hate to be so frank about this, but the Womens March will come to nothing because it is nothing more than a rage-fuelled protest. There is nothing positive or worthy of real joy and passion in it. Any movement that is only a protest movement will only end in frustration, bitterness and finally violence. The March for Life is just that: a March for LIFE. It is young. It is joyful. It is peaceful. It will therefore go on and on.  The Women’s March is angry. It is bitter. It is full of frustration, rage and violence. It will die out. It take too much energy to keep something like that going.

7. There is No Positive Mission – The March for Life is a positive, upbeat campaign with a real, positive and joyful message. There are FOR something. The Women’s March, on the other hand, is an empty, rage filled campaign with no positive message.  You think women should be allowed to kill more of their babies? Not really a top notch campaign slogan is it?

8. A Lie Dies – Truth will out. In the end lies die. Even with the richest donors, the biggest A list celebrities, the hugest budget, if it is a lie it will finally die. A lie is to Truth what the Darkness is to Light. Even the smallest light will quench the dark. Darkness is nothing but an absence of light. A lie is the absence of Truth. Lies Die. Truth always wins in the end.

9. There is No Inner Dynamic Because it is a lie it has no inner dynamic. It has no inner energy. It can’t keep going. Protests like this alway peter out. They shrivel and waste away. March for Life, on the other hand, gets bigger and stronger every year.

10. Women Are Better Than That Many many women have no time for this kind of thing. They are busy getting on with their lives, their careers, their families, their children, their life of giving their tremendous gifts, resources, intelligence, beauty and power. Frittering away their time on rage filled tirades? They have more dignity, more grace, more intelligence and more power than to bother with all that.

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