Ten Reasons Why the Women’s March Will Come to Nothing

Ten Reasons Why the Women’s March Will Come to Nothing January 21, 2017


First, let me say that I am totally on board with any woman who thinks Donald Trump’s vulgar words about women are worth protesting. I’m also totally with any woman who thinks his cheating on two wives and marrying a third is not only low class, but mortal sin.

I’m also totally with the women who are protesting Bill Clinton’s sorry record of sexual abuse of women, rape, sexual harassment and victimizing women.

I’m also totally with all women who want to stand up for women’s dignity and reproductive health. I think all women should have excellent health care when they are pregnant, when they are giving birth, and when they are sacrificing themselves for their family and children. Women’s reproductive health care should be available for all pregnant women, all women in crisis pregnancies and all mothers.

I’m also totally supportive of all women who stand up against rape, sexual trafficking, prostitution, artificial contraception, abortion, pornography, sexual videos and films and all other things which denigrate women and treat them like sex objects.

When women are protesting against their continued abuse at the hands of abortionists, pornographers, pimps, traffickers, abusive husbands and boyfriends and family members, bosses and friends who are sexually abusive. I’m on their side.

However, standing back a bit from today’s March for Women, here are — reasons why it is a damp squib–a firecracker that will ultimately  fail to go off, a lost cause, an empty show, a shallow howl of rage that will come to nothing.

  1. It is Fake – Don’t believe that what is going on is real. This is a big show put on by people behind the scenes with big money. They’ve organized it and made it happen in order to spark protests and try to achieve the change they could not achieve in the democratic election process. This is not a grass roots movement. It is an orchestrated protest by internationalists who have thrown lots of money at the situation to produce the effect they want.
  2. If it is a Fake It is a Lie – Let’s be honest. This is not a protest against Donald Trump. Lord knows I am no Trump fan, and if people want to protest Trump for stuff he actually does, then its fine by me, but this not really about Trump. It is about abortion. This is a pro abortion campaign organized and funded by the people who want to keep America’s abortion mills churning.
  3. It’s Not Really About Women – We know this is not about women as such. It is about left wing women. It is about pro abort women. It is about anti-Catholic women. If it were about women, then women of all kinds would be there, but next week’s March for Life will show that there are huge numbers of women–and mostly young women–who have not a shred of time or concern about the so called “Womens March.”
  4. Its About Abortion Trump’s administration might just de-fund Planned Parenthood. His appointments for the Supreme Court might just eventually overturn or modify Roe v. Wade. This campaign is not about women. Its about abortion. Otherwise, why would the pro life feminists have been kicked out of the campaign?
  5. Its About Money Big Abortion means big money. Planned Parenthood gets huge government funding. It they really pull the plug on that government funding the gravy train dries up the big salaries for Cecile Richards and the other execs at PP are job hunting. You know and I know that this has nothing to do with helping women. Its about money and maintaining the tax cash flow to Planned Parenthood and all the other pro abort organizations. Continue Reading

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