Energy Flips: How Haters Make You Stronger

Energy Flips: How Haters Make You Stronger July 25, 2018

Recently, I’ve discovered that there are a handful of people who really dislike non-traditional (eclectic) witchcraft, and want to tell me how wrong I am for following my intuition.  My practice and I have both been denigrated and called names.  If I were to react to them, it’d eat a lot of my energy and time, and it’s not my mission to interact with haters.  I’ve found another way to deal with the trolls.  It’s called an “energy flip.”

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I said flip it!  Flip it good.  Source, CC0.

I know a lot of people who wouldn’t hesitate to fire back at trolls with curses and hexes galore, but I’m not a hexer.  I’m sort of a love-and-positivity kind of person.  I’ve found that energy flips are great ways of changing bad energy into good.  Some of my greatest insights, growth, and even creative projects have come from this practice.  I know this isn’t specifically a “pagan” topic, but transforming energy is a very witchy topic.  Besides, a lot of people love my energy articles, so here you go.

Here are six ways to flip negative energy into something better.

1. See the Lesson You Learned

One way to execute an energy flip is to imagine that you went through it because you wanted to learn a lesson.  I’ve come to peace with some of my past by thinking about the situations that way.  (Note: this is not appropriate for all problems, such as abusive relationships.)

For example, maybe you’re upset that a troll is eating up your energy because you interacted with them and explaining yourself didn’t change their mind.  Instead of being angry or resentful, you can decide that you wanted to learn a lesson about creating stronger boundaries and not reading a crazy comment.  Maybe your lesson is that they need to be blocked and not be a part of your life.  Learning that lesson now will prevent the lesson from coming up again in the future with another troll.  Frustration can change into opportunity, growth, and true strength.

2. Look For The Good

This method is most helpful when there isn’t a lesson to be learned.  Maybe you’re sad or upset about something that happened, like a breakup, or the death of a loved one.  Look at the occurrence and imagine what could possibly be a benefit of why it could’ve happened.  Maybe it changed your path, or let you meet someone new.  Maybe it was that loved one’s time to go, as part of their predetermined life plan.

Life is full of teachable moments like this, and looking for the good in bad moments can help us heal and find peace.

3. Have Compassion For The Angry Baby

Aw, the little baby is upset!  Source, CC0.

Another energy flip I like to perform is compassion. This works best with co-workers or other people you have to see a lot.  I imagine the offender as an ignorant person who doesn’t know any better, which is usually the case. Sometimes, I even picture the person as a baby.  It’s surprising and a little disturbing how easily I can conjure up an image of them crying their heart out in a crib.

In a way, that person is a baby − their growth has been stunted, and they can’t access their spiritual energy because their emotional (and maybe physical) energies are so messed up.  They hurt others because they feel they have been hurt so badly.

If those people aren’t harming anyone or taking up our energy, they might deserve our compassion, but maybe not our time.  However, not everyone deserves our compassion.  I cut people out of my life who are racist, sexist, homophobic, trans-phobic, et cetera.  That’s not really an energy flip, but it works much the same way.  They’re gone.  Poof!  No regrets.

4. I’m Bulletproof

This energy flip is most effective if I have my shields up.  I’ll use the example of trolls who like to leave mean comments again.  With this flip, I’ll read their comment, but I barely register it.  It’s as if I’m wearing a bulletproof shield — their comments don’t touch me at all.  I go on with my day as if I never read their vitriol.

As easy as flipping my hair back, haters fall away. Source, CC0

5. Martial Arts

To perform the martial arts energy flip, simply move out of the way of their energy and carry on with your day.

6. Alchemize Their Hate

My absolute favorite energy flip is the Alchemy Energy Flip.  A bit of rebelliousness and thick skin helps.

When I’m in a higher spiritual energetic state and I read a nasty comment, I can feel the strong energy coming off of it.  The commenter wants to be heard!  They desire to spew hatred and anger directly at me!

When I’m in the right frame of mind, I’m able to take that energy they’re giving me and use it to propel myself in the opposite direction of what they’re saying.  The greater their hate, the more energy I receive.  It’s like their comment is fiery hot ball of anger, and they’re throwing it as hard as they can at me, but when it reaches my aura, it changes into a gift and lands at my feet, harmless.  Sometimes, the gift gives me so much energy that it makes me laugh out loud.

In these situations, I’m not trying to take anyone’s energy.  But when a comment is particularly nasty, it’s clear that a whole lot of energy is being given to me.  I’m just changing the vibration of it and using it for my purposes.  Alchemy!

Bad times don’t have to bring us down.  It can inspire us to keep doing things the way we want to do them.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — bad times make stronger witches.  You can’t keep a good witch down.  You just can’t.

 ~ Align with Starlight Witch ~

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