My Post at the Catholic Herald, and Hello to my New Followers

My Post at the Catholic Herald, and Hello to my New Followers April 20, 2021



Hello everybody,

I have gotten a new influx of followers on social media in the last week or two, and I’ve also got a new post at The Catholic Herald which you might not have seen if you just follow the blog and don’t follow me on social media. So I’m writing a brief post where everyone will see it.

At the Catholic Herald I am honored to share a brief memoir about my experience of Franciscan University culture and my shock at discovering its abusive underbelly:

“I went to Father Mike several times for deliverance prayer, in case demons were exacerbating my anxiety. This was considered a normal thing to do at FUS; people sought deliverance prayer for all kinds of ailments and especially mental health. Demons were lurking around every corner and you had to pray just right to get them out. Father Mike used to pray over me and anoint my temples with blessed oil, then give me a smooch on the forehead and a stroke on the cheek. He said he liked me because I remained “sweet,” in spite of the demons.

Father Mike referred me to Father David Morrier as a confessor. In Father Mike’s opinion, he was an excellent man and one who could also help with my demon problem. I trusted Father Mike’s opinions of other people’s character. Everyone trusted Father Mike, and trusted the people he told them to trust.

I came to like Father Morrier as much as Father Mike, and even invited him to my wedding… 

This month, Father Morrier was himself indicted for sexual battery and rape. He entered a not guilty plea last week..” 

You can read the whole thing right here.

If you want to see my other remarks on the Morrier indictment, you can read my first reaction here, my reaction to Franciscan University’s initial response here, and my description of the indictment here.

I often write more generally about the Charismatic Renewal and spiritual abuse. I write about my own experiences, sometimes comically and sometimes not. I write about the nature of spiritual abuse and how it can kill people. I like to write about poverty and racism.  And sometimes I write completely frivolous stories such as about how bad a driver I am or the time we got a new mattress.

I also have two books; a book on the Way of the Cross that came out last year, and a brand new book on the corporal and spiritual works of mercy that’s coming out in just a couple weeks.

You can follow me on Twitter and on Facebook.

And, like most bloggers, I have a tip jar.

And now that we all know one another, I’ll get back to more blog posts worth reading!


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