‘Extreme caution’ advised regarding Kevin Hart latest movie

‘Extreme caution’ advised regarding Kevin Hart latest movie December 27, 2018

I’m betting that many Christians were elated when it was revealed that US comedian Kevin Hart had a touch of homophobia in his past. But that joy, I guess, evaporated when he apologised for anti-gay tweets, and insisted that he had since ‘evolved’.

Now True Believers have a reason to dislike Hart even more, because his latest movie, Night School, which I watched last night, mercilessly takes the mick out of Christians by portraying school drop-out Teddy Walker [Hart] working in a godly fast food joint, where a constantly grinning loon of boss periodically ceases all activities to get staff to hold hands and pray.

Night School screenshot

The moment I the first saw the scene portraying the fictitious Christian Chicken restaurant, I whooped at my partner:

I bet that’s Hart taking the piss out of the very real and notoriously homophobic and Chick-Fil-A chain in America.

I was right. The mockery was seized on by Christian website Movieguide, which warned that the movie contains:

Irreverent portrayals of a Christian chicken restaurant patterned after Chick-fil-A … Teddy’s job at a restaurant called Christian Chicken has him wearing a chicken suit while holding a sign out front that says its food is ‘heavenly’, and yelling ‘Honk once if you love chicken, honk twice if you love the Lord!’ There’s also a scene where he tries to break free from taking part in an employee prayer circle. This scenes [sic] and the restaurant’s overly happy Christian boss sometimes appear to be mocking Christians.

Night School narrowly avoided getting labeled “abhorrent” – a word often used by Movieguide to describe what it regards as anti-Christians movies. Instead it advised “extreme caution” and pointed out its plus points:

It has a moral, pro-capitalist worldview stressing hard work, honesty, education, and second chances. So, it’s uplifting and funny enough to make it an enjoyable experience for most moviegoers. However, it’s marred by lots of foul language, other lewd content, and some irreverent comedy.

I enjoyed, but did not love the movie. Hart’s done far better stuff.

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  • Milo C

    Kevin Hart is amazingly funny. I will be looking out for this one.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Thanks for the tip. I’m off to Movieguide now, to spot any flick rated “Extreme Caution” or worse for possible viewing.

  • DingoJack

    What no caution from Movieguide on fowl language?!?

  • Barry Duke

    Movieguide is a wonderful resource for non-believers.

    Before watching any film I visit the site to get MG’s take on it. When it wrote of The Shape of Water: “Abhorrent … the story contains disturbing lust, intense violence and politically correct, leftist jabs at middle-class Americans and traditional biblical values”, that “from the very beginning, all the villains are setup as God-fearing, patriotic men” and “It’s one of the worst movies in recent years” I rushed out to see it, and to my mind it was absolutely brilliant. (https://www.movieguide.org/reviews/the-shape-of-water.html)

  • Agni Ashwin

    It’s banned in Turkey.

  • DingoJack

    Hmmm Turkey — now you’re making me Hungary for Greece.

  • Kevin K

    I wonder what they thought of “The Lobster”.

  • Robert Baden

    Please don’t egg him on.

  • DingoJack

    What – there is a movie about the theories (well actually extremely loose hypothesis*) of MRA types?!?
    Surely they only make sense if you’ve heard and digested (through the officially approved filter or filters) applied to every utterance they’ve ever made — evar!!
    * speaking in the very loosest of terms, of course!

  • DingoJack

    When the sands are all dry, he is gay as a lark,
    And will talk in contemptuous tones of the Shark,
    But, when the tide rises and sharks are around,
    His voice has a timid and tremulous sound.

  • Kevin K

    Ha. No. It’s … well … odd. But not MRA odd. Doesn’t have anything to do with Jordan Peterson.

    But the review they give concludes the exact opposite of what the film intends to show. So … one wonders whether their god-goggles are a bit too dark to take inside a movie theater. (Or Netflix, which is where I saw it.)

  • E.A. Blair

    I was supposed to be raised Catholic, but took a wrong (or right) turn when I was about 11 or so. My parents got a weekly newspaper called The Catholic Herald. One of the paper’s features was a rating of currently running movies. There were six classifications: A-I (equivalent to G), A-II (Morally Objectionable In Part For Some – equivalent to PG), A-III (Morally Objectionable In Part For Minors – equivalent to PG-13), A-IV (Morally Objectionable In Part For All – hovering between PG-13 & R), B (Morally Objectionable For All – equivalent to R) and C (Condemned – equivalent to NC-17).

    Only titles were printed, and no reasons for a film’s classification were given. I used to scan the list every week, wondering what the class B and class C movies were like and longing for the day I’d be old enough to see them.

    That was youthful rebellion. Now I could use Movieguide as a somewhat childish way of defying the religious wackos. It would be like wearing a t-shirt with the message, “Doing My Best To Piss Off The Religious Right”.

  • Stephen Gulas

    If Russia entered Turkey from the rear do you think Greece would help?