Priest muzzled for speaking out against Catholic Church corruption

Priest muzzled for speaking out against Catholic Church corruption January 11, 2019

TEXAS priest Father Mark Goring is a popular figure on YouTube, and even has his own channel. But when he recently posted a video about various aspects of the abuse scandal in which the Catholic Church is currently engulfed, he was ordered to shut the hell up, and the video was removed.

According to this report, Goring – a member of the Companions of the Cross priestly community and director of the Catholic Charismatic Center in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston – was told by an unnamed superior to “cease and desist” last Friday.

Goring warning about the reality of Hell on YouTube

This unleashed a wave of anger among his supporters. Among many messages of support on his Facebook page was one from Dale Earnest, who wrote:

Stay strong. I don’t think your vows of obedience include being complicit in covering up the crimes and corruption … Don’t be silenced. Call them out. Thank you for what you have been doing to help root out the evil.

The video that earned Goring a “zip it” order was critical of embattled Cardinal Donald Wuerl,who is likely to preside over the archdiocese’s Youth Rally and Mass for Life during the upcoming March for Life.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl via YouTube

The Washington cardinal has been the subject of criticism since late June of last year, when revelations about alleged sexual misconduct on the part of his predecessor, Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, raised questions about what Wuerl knew about McCarrick, and how he responded to that knowledge. Wuerl then resigned.

Goring told viewers in the January 5 video that he was asked a day earlier by one of his “legitimate authorities” to “cease and desist” and he immediately complied with the order.

I am a man of obedience. You’ve asked me to cease and desist. So I will cease and desist.

Goring exhorted viewers to remember that when he was ordained he promised before God to be obedient to his superiors. He said it was never his intention to make their lives difficult.

Goring said he presented lots of video talks on silence, but he now found himself in a situation where he didn’t know what to do.

In a subsequent video posted Tuesday, he said:

I honestly don’t know what to do. What I feel like doing is appealing to the Pope.

And maybe I can do this over YouTube. Can I do this? Can I ask, Holy Father, do I have your permission to continue to comment on the situation in the Church? I give you my word that I’ll do my very best to comment on the situation with love. I’ll try to not be critical or to let anger come in. I’ll try to be honest, as honest as I possibly can be.

Although Pope Francis officially accepted Wuerl’s resignation last October, Wuerl, at Francis’ direction, remains apostolic administrator of the archdiocese and thus would presumably preside over the archdiocese’s March for Life-related events next week, including the youth rally and Mass, along with the Vigil Mass for Life at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Both events typically draw tens of thousands of pro-lifers, and Catholics are understandably incensed at the idea of Wuerl appearing at the pro-life events as though all is well with the sexual-abuse crisis continuing unresolved.

Goring said in the initial video, entitled “Cardinal Wuerl, Get Out” that Wuerl’s presence:

Communicates the utmost disrespect for the victims of sexual abuse by clergy, that these cases are no big deal and that Church leaders can get away with allowing these situations to be swept under the rug.

Goring told his followers viewers not to worry about him.

My decision to become a priest was a decision to follow Jesus, and I had no illusions. I was very much aware (of) where Jesus takes us – He takes us to the Passion, the cross and to die, so that we can resurrect to eternal life in Heaven.

All I care about is getting to Heaven and doing God’s will. And I want to fight for the honor of Holy Mother Church.

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  • Broga

    “I honestly don’t know what to do. What I feel like doing is appealing to the Pope.”

    Of course he knows what he can do. How can he not know that honesty, defence of the exploited and expose of criminals transcends any obedience to those complicit in the crimes.

    He could try the Pope who is on a PR attempt to justify himself. Echoes of Stalin who made disastrous mistakes at the start of WW2, then decided the mistakes were made by his generals and had them shot. Then Stalin started afresh. Stalin was educated by Jesuits and picked up a few tips.

  • Milo C

    I feel bad for this guy. In all his training and I’m sure at every opportunity, the Catholic Church asserts that it speaks with god’s own power. It is authoritarianism in the extreme. If he disobeys his masters, he is no longer being an obedient slave and makes baby Jesus cry. They would declare him Prideful, troublemaker, blasphemous. And he would believe them because fear for his soul keeps him in line.

    In my experience as a Cathoic, it was always theoretically okay to have questions… in your heart. Don’t question aloud. If you keep your questions between you and god then he will answer you… eventually, in some form. So pay attention and read god into every happenstance because you might be missing his personal message for you. If you seek answers to questions from the Church then you must believe the answers the Church approves of, nothing else. Even if your mind recognizes them as lies or bad, ambiguous, circular, nonsensical answers, you have to force yourself to accept them. Which, since a person cannot choose to believe something they know is false (2+2 = 5) creates a great deal of conflict and anxiety in the person; from there it is a short step to convince them the fault is in themselves, how dare they, dirty sinner.

    He is a victim drawn into a pyramid scheme and must continue to promote the brand, drawing others in to keep up the cycle.

  • Jack the Sandwichmaker

    An authority that is trying to cover up crimes in not a legitimate authority.

  • digital bookworm

    I’m reminded of the Morman Elder who was excommunicated recently for questioning the need for “sexual confessions” teenagers were forced to do with the bishops of the church.
    If he keeps speaking out until he’s defrocked there’ll be nothing stopping him.