NY Christian ‘revolutionary’ arrested for binning rainbow flag

NY Christian ‘revolutionary’ arrested for binning rainbow flag June 27, 2020

Images via 7 News and YouTube

AFTER using YouTube in March to call for the violent overthrow of the US government, flat-earther and devout Christian Donnie Lee Barrigar, above, did something really ‘revolutionary’ — he tore down a Pride flag flying outside Watertown City Hall and threw it in a bin.

Earlier this week, the 36-year-old nutjob was arrested and charged with third-degree criminal tampering, a misdemeanor.

His arrest cane after NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said that Barrigar “must be held accountable” for taking down the flag just hours after it had been raised over the city hall last Saturday.

Barrigar , a vicious opponent of gay rights, posted video of himself lowering the flag and stuffing it into a drop box outside the city hall. That happened shortly after a small ceremony to raise the flag, attended by the mayor, city council members and LGBTQ supporters.

The flag was later retrieved and city police raised it again.

image via YouTube

Cuomo, above, said in a statement:

I am disgusted by the actions of this individual and he must be held accountable for this repugnant attack against the LGBTQ community. The Pride flag is a symbol of equality and dignity and respect, and it is raised across the Empire State this month because we are united in believing the strongest four letter word is love.

I am directing the State Police to assist local authorities in further investigating the perpetrator of this cowardly act. These hateful acts of division have no place in our state and we will not allow a bigot to bully the Watertown community with impunity.

This isn’t the first homophobic incident involving Barrigar. Last year, he posted to Facebook:

Watertown is having a LBGTQ celebration. For the love of God please let someone go on a mass shooting.

Earlier Barrigar said he did not expect action to be taken against him  as he was protected by the First Amendment.

In an interview with the Watertown Daily Times published on Tuesday, Barrigar admits to taking down the flag, but said he thought his actions were a “peaceful protest” and claimed that the flag was public property.

Watertown Mayor Jeff Smith was among many who condemned Barrigar’s act.

Unfortunately, on Saturday night in an act of ignorance and narrow-mindedness, one individual who literally believes the world is flat, removed the rainbow flag from the City Hall flagpole.

In an interview with WWNY, Barrigar said he took down the flag because it was:

Mocking God and it’s mocking all the good Christians we have in our community.

Barrigar is currently being held in the Metro-Jefferson Public Safety Building pending his arraignment in Watertown City Court.

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