‘Miracle cure’ charlatan and son arrested in Colombia

‘Miracle cure’ charlatan and son arrested in Colombia August 13, 2020

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MARK Grenon, above, self-styled ‘archbishop’ of Florida’s Genesis II Church of Health & Healing and one of his sons have been arrested in connection with the sale of MMS, a ‘miracle solution’ that had allegedly caused the deaths of seven American citizens. MMS is an industrial bleach.

Video footage posted to the Twitter feed of Colombia’s top prosecutor showed Grenon and his son Joseph  dressed in blue jump suits and masks, being led away by armed police.

Image via Twitter

The Grenons’ arrest comes a month after the “archbishop”, as well as three of his sons, were charged by federal authorities in Florida with dealing in a substance that has not been approved for medical use and could be life-threatening.

The substance, chlorine dioxide, is a powerful bleach used in textile manufacturing. The Grenons market it as “miracle mineral solution” or MMS which they say when drunk as a dilution can cure almost all illnesses including Covid-19, cancer, HIV/Aids as well as autism.

Confronted a while back by an investigative reporter, the ‘archbishop’ called the journalist ‘a piece of shit’ and ‘a stupid son of a bitch.’ Image via YouTube.

In April, the Guardian revealed that Grenon had written to Donald Trump in the White House encouraging the US president to embrace the product in his efforts to contain coronavirus. The letter claimed MMS “can rid the body of Covid-19”.

A few days later, Trump went on national TV in his daily coronavirus briefing from the White House and raised the idea of injecting disinfectant into the body to fight Covid-19.

The US Food and Drug Administration has banned Grenon and his sons from peddling the bleach. Last August the FDA issued a public notice warning Americans not to drink MMS or similar products.

If you are drinking MMS or other sodium chlorite products, stop now. The FDA has received many reports that these products, sold online as ‘treatments’, have made consumers sick.

When the Guardian asked Grenon to respond to the FDA’s warning, he replied in an email:

You and your Guardian newspaper are just puppets of the evil players of this world like the Murdoch/Rothschild families! May God open your eyes Picklehead Ed that doesn’t research the Truth or YOU ARE A PAID LIAR!

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