Sex-ed: Stupidity trumps common sense in Texas

Sex-ed: Stupidity trumps common sense in Texas September 23, 2020

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JAMES Dobson, above, the gormless founder of the anti-gay hate group Focus on the Family, is beside himself with glee because Texas has decided to continue useless abstinence-based sex education programmes for public schools.

Officials rejected a plan that would have incorporated LGTBQ advocacy into the lessons, according to far right news outlet World Nut Daily.

Host of the Dr.James Dobson’s Family Talk radio programme, Dobson said the progressives pushing for “extremist material” have learned “Don’t mess with Texas!”

For two decades, the Texas State Board of Education has done it the right way. While schools are not required to provide sex education, any sex education that is offered must focus on abstinence until marriage. This commonsense approach has served the needs of Texas children well, and it has respected the God-given role of parents.

So well that last year TribTalk reported:

Texas consistently owns one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. You might not know that while a teen mother can make any and all health care decisions for her child, if she’s under the age of 18, she can’t obtain prescription birth control for herself without parental consent under state law.

Dobson added:

Not surprisingly, the far left demanded a change. Activists groups like Planned Parenthood and its morally bankrupt allies were salivating at the chance to eliminate abstinence-based teaching once and for all and replace it with a not-suitable-for-children indoctrination program. If they got their way, 11 and 12-year-olds would spend classroom time learning about gender identity, condom use and other highly sexualized topics.

The old fool blathered on:

Thank goodness the Texas State Board of Education had the courage to stand up to these corrupt bullies and their evil agenda. The Board deliberated last week on the proposed curriculum changes and, in its initial vote, struck down sex indoctrination 9-6.

Notably, the vote was almost entirely along party lines, with all Democrats supporting the radical agenda and all but one Republican opposing it. A final vote will take place in November.

ABC News reported that LGBTQ rights advocates were unhappy with the result.

Some proponents of the changes called the rejection ‘especially tragic’ as research shows that most LGBTQ students don’t feel safe at school because of harassment and bullying.

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The changes had been proposed by Ruben Cortez, above, a Democrat on the board. His goal was personal, as he explained.

One of my children this summer came out to us  … she had to bottle that in for years thinking that we wouldn’t accept her. It’s difficult to imagine what other students who don’t live in a tolerant house would go through if we don’t insert language like this to help our students.

According to WND Dobson:

Has dedicated his career as a psychologist, Christian leader and broadcaster to ‘preserving the biblical institutions of marriage and family by encouraging, inspiring, supporting, and leading parents and children to build their lives on God’s Word.

And wrecking lives in the process.

Update Sept 24: The Christian Post today ran an op-ed in which Dobson rails against “forces” that are hellbent on “destroying marriage.”

We live during an age in which the institution of marriage is under constant attack by forces that want to destroy it. As a result, this timeless relationship is increasingly viewed by many as an unnecessary hindrance to our self-absorbed lives. Temporal ‘partnerships’ are dissolved through ‘conscious uncoupling’, and children are little more than assets to be divided or assigned, not precious souls to be loved, guided, and protected. 

In short, the biblical foundation of marriage and family is seen as a relic by liberal politicians and our popular culture … Our nation was formed less than 250 years ago, making it little more than an infant in comparison to the original building block of society.

The family has endured for millennia, dating back to the Garden of Eden when, at least 5,000 years ago, our Creator gave it meaning and definition. Sadly, this building block of all societies is under a relentless and vicious attack by leftist groups of all kinds, and they have one mission in mind – to discredit and obliterate it.

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