Pulpit pussies: pastors who don’t pack heat are ‘almost homosexual’

Pulpit pussies: pastors who don’t pack heat are ‘almost homosexual’ April 13, 2021

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IN  a sermon at the weekend in Oregon, Trump-loving Tennessee pastor Jeff Jansen, a purveyor of tall tales about people being raised from the dead, attacked modern Christian leaders – particularly those who refuse to carry guns.

According to this report, he described them as being ‘neutered’ and ‘almost homosexual.’

Janson – co-founder of the Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and self-proclaimed “prophet” –  attacked “effeminate” pastors, saying:

The church, the Ecclesia, the government of God, has been so neutered and so turned effeminate, almost homosexual, I’m just telling you straight up. Straight up. It’s ridiculous.

He asked:

Where are the men? Where are the men, where’s the maleness? Where is the, you know, ‘I will defend the children, I will protect the family?’

Jansen then said that Jesus “was a real man,” claiming in the same breath that all the staff at his church carried firearms and were instructed to open fire on “threats” during church services.

He boasted as well that he had given his armed ushers a license to kill.

Just make sure you get them, just kill them, just shoot them dead.

The Global Fire Ministries website lists Jansen as a “best-selling author” and “prophetic guidepost,” claiming that he is renowned for his “miracle/healing anointing and prophetic ministry.”

In 2020, Jansen published a book titled Trump: The Destiny of God’s America. He sells it on the church’s website for $16.99.

According to a Newsweek report, Jansen doubled down last month on his prophecy that the Trump presidency would be re-instated in April, calling the January inauguration a “fake inauguration” for “optics and for posture.”

It’s a tale of two presidents right now in America – because President Trump has never conceded, he never agreed to anything, never stepped away, never conceded.

He added that Trump would re-emerge and restore “civil power” in the US.

This followed comments Jansen made in February, where he said Biden was a “fake President.”

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