Wife dumps husband & six kids to marry the ‘Holy Spirit’

Wife dumps husband & six kids to marry the ‘Holy Spirit’ June 5, 2021

VIDEO footage on various outlets indicate that the marriage in Kenya of Elizabeth Nalem, 41, to the ‘Holy Spirit’ was a joyful affair attended by cheering crowds.

Joshua and Elizabeth Nalem, Images via YouTube

But one man who found little to celebrate was her husband Joshua, who told media that, 20 years ago, he’d paid for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage with 22 head of cattle and 15 goats.

Religion News Service quoted him as saying:

There are not two marriages here. She is my wife.

This report adds that the ceremony was performed in the Anglican Church of Kenya in Makutano – a small town near Kapenguria in the western part of the country – by the Nalem’s pastor, Albert Rumait.

He even bought her a wedding gown and ensured there was a convoy of cars to escort her to the church on her big day.

Rumait said:

I made the decision to preside over, plan and fund the wedding because the world might just be coming to an end and because I’m her neighbour

After the wedding, an “elated” Elizabeth said she was done with serving the world and has now changed her life to serving God.

Today, I am one of those who have received the word of God. I have faced difficulties, and it made me look for God.

The Most Rev Samson Tuliapus, a suffragan, or assistant bishop, in Kapenguria, said the Anglican Church disapproved of the wedding.

This is a great shock to us. It has never happened before. She has embarrassed the church, and we continue to condemn it.

The bride’s four maids of honour were senior members of the local chapter of the Mothers of Union, an Anglican women’s group, according to Tuliapus.

Nalem later told reporters:

This is my wedding with God. He told me, take this ‘net’ [gown], wear it and spread the word.

A “distraught” Joshua Nalem believes his wife went nuts after attending  a local Full Gospel church service.

She went to church one day and when she returned she started waking up at 3am to go and pray. I asked her why she was braving the chilly weather just to pray, but instead, she decided to move out to a neighbouring homestead.

When asked by journalists whether he will continue living with his “estranged” wife, Joshua said that he’d been kept in the dark during the whole process. Although he insists that he still loves Elizabeth, Joshua says  that he does not know what his next course of action will be.

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