Biblically ‘evil’ house torched. Man dies and woman, 82, injured.

Biblically ‘evil’ house torched. Man dies and woman, 82, injured. July 26, 2021

Images via YouTube/KTSM 9 News

TEXAS man Phillip Daniel Mills, inset above, has admitted torching his family’s home, killing his brother, 54, and injuring his 83-year-old mother because the family didn’t lead biblical lives.

Ironically, a burned Bible was found in the wreckage of the Mills home, and can be seen in a video posted on YouTube by KTSM 9 News.

Phillip Mills, 40, was arrested last Friday after setting the fire around 11:30 pm the night before at his El Paso home.

Paul Aaron Mills, the suspect’s brother, was pulled from the fire but later died. Florence Annette Mills, managed to escape the blaze but was hospitalised for burns and smoke inhalation.

Mills was arrested after fleeing the scene and telling a police officer his house was on fire. During questioning with detectives, Mills admitted setting the family home on fire. He
allegedly told detectives that he ignited a couch and was seeking to purge the home of biblical ‘evil.’

An affidavit obtained by KTSM, said:

Once the sofa caught on fire, he walked outside the house and waited to see if his mother or brother would go outside but they didn’t. The defendant advised that he waited outside the residence with large rocks in his hands in the event that both his brother and mother had made it out the burning residence.

The affidavit also stated Mills having waited for both his mother and brother to go to bed, before starting the fire.

Mills later told police he was upset his mother and brother did not follow the Bible.

Roger Torres, a neighbor, told KTSM that Mills was always “troublesome” and was acting erratic earlier on the day of the fire.

Torres said:

He was bad news, all he would do was sit out there and drink and smoke and I noticed he was back to his old routine.

Torres said that Mills’s family had called the police before because of his behaviour, adding:

They called the police department on him cause he stripped naked and he was drinking.

Mills has since been charged with capital murder and arson. Bond was set at $2.5million.

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