Evangelizing the Social Media Mindset & Culture (Evangelizing Social Media, part 3)

Evangelizing the Social Media Mindset & Culture (Evangelizing Social Media, part 3) July 24, 2018

Photo by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash (CC0)

This third video in my series on Social Media moves to evangelization. In the previous two videos, we’ve discussed social media in general and how it affects us. Now we ask, what is the way to evangelize those people?

Since Social Media is now 11% of the average American’s day, that will affect them. If we want to evangelize such a culture, we need to make the Gospel intelligible to this generation, to this culture and society.

I hope this video I recorded earlier this year before a small group helps you understand how to evangelize this social media culture.

How Do We Evangelize Our Social Media Culture?

This talk deals with several questions:

  • How can we reach people in this culture?
  • How much should we focus on messaging vs. content?
  • What kind of relationships does social media develop?
  • Who should be involved in Church activities? Catholic social media?
  • Can social media create stress? How? Can the Church offer a release from such stress?
  • Social media makes money from ads. How does that affect social media? How does it affect evangelizing this culture?
  • Everything can be shared now on social media and so a fully social-media-free zone doesn’t exist. How should that affect all we do in parishes? In schools? On missions?
  • How can we make the good we see offline into good online?

Concluding Notes

  1. I will gladly give these or similar presentations on social media for Catholic organizations (parishes, schools, dioceses, etc.), simply use the contact form on this site.
  2. Please stay tuned for more. I will be posting the last video next week.  You can subscribe to the YouTube playlist if you want to see them all. You can also link to a basic outline and history of social media (talk #1), and how social media affects our mindset (talk #2).
  3. Update: The last video on evangelizing on social media is now up too.

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