How to Evangelize on Social Media (Evangelizing Social Media, part 4)

How to Evangelize on Social Media (Evangelizing Social Media, part 4) August 1, 2018

Evangelizing on Social Media CC0 via pixabayI know many people wanted this series to start with evangelizing on social media but I think the other three videos provide a good background. The first video provided a definition and history of social media. How social media affects our mindset was the theme of the second video. The third spoke of how we can evangelize that mindset. Now, we get to online evangelizing itself.

Before embedding the video, two notes.

  1. This video begins with a question from the audience before the main topic. It was said as a joke about chicken nuggets but I used it to make a point. I hope you enjoy and find it helpful.
  2. Towards the end, I provide one example. I could have provided a few dozen others I know about, so please don’t feel bad that I used the someone else as the example.

Summary of Video: Evangelizing on Social Media


  • Social media rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior.
  • “Social networks… will benefit from the full participation of believers who desire to share the message of Jesus and the values of human dignity.” -Benedict XVI


  • To move social media and evangelize, we need relationships and engagement, not just put out static press releases. Lance Rosen describes it as “Sitting around the virtual campfire.”
    • This builds a kind of social media currency
  • What should we post on social media? What we post needs to be consistent and intentional. We need to post based on what the other would think rather than what we might want  we’re evangelizing them not ourselves.
  • Religious leaders on social media have 60x the engagement per follower as other celebrities.


  • Kiczek family as examples of evangelizing via social media.
  • 29 Most Lit Signs at the March” as a viral story on social media.
  • My own work on social media.


  1. I will gladly give these or similar presentations on social media for Catholic organizations (parishes, schools, dioceses, etc.), simply use the contact form on this site.
  2. This is the last of 4 videos. You can find them all individually or on the YouTube playlist. You can also link to a basic outline and history of social media (talk #1), how social media affects our mindset (talk #2), and evangelizing a social media culture (talk #3).

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