Come Pick a Useful Fight with me in NYC

Come Pick a Useful Fight with me in NYC August 7, 2013
Oh, were we speaking of piercing rhetorical armor? My mistake

This weekend, I’m in New York City for the alumni debate of my college group, and while I’m in town, I’ll be giving a talk on productive ways to have arguments this Saturday (August 10th)  at an event cohosted by the NYC Less Wrong meetup group and Ergo (a rationalist group).

Now, if by productive arguments, you mean quick and dirty ways to win, I think you may be a bit more interested in Words that Work or The Strategy of Conflict.  But when there’s a difference of opinion, at least one of you is wrong, and I aim to talk about ways to notice if you should lose and to do so quickly and happily.  And make it safer for the other person to do the same.

I’ll also be taking some questions about my day job at the Center for Applied Rationality and the workshop we’ll be running in New York in November, but the fighting tips will be mine, and I won’t be in persona employee.

The talk will start at 2pm, but the doors of 316 W 138th Street will open about an hour earlier for socializing for the two groups. If you’re planning to come, and can’t RSVP to the meetup (the link only works if you belong to Ergo), feel free to mention you’re coming in the RSVP thread below, so you can say hi to each other.

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  • LeahLibresco

    RSVP Thread: If you’re coming to the talk, feel free to mention that fact here.

    • Michael

      Sounds interesting. I’ll try to attend.

  • Jill Xiang

    See you there.

    • Guest

      How long is this going to be? I ask only because I had scheduled something at 4 and need to know if I should rearrange itinerary.

      • LeahLibresco

        You should be fine. We should be all wrapped up by 3pm or 3:30.

  • Randy Gritter

    I wonder if calling it a fight is right. Fights are inherently things you never want to lose. Your picture brings up the idea of fights where there is a real danger of death. In those there can be no question you want to win regardless.

    Maybe you could call it a trial. Trials have adversarial relationships but not win at all costs. At least the prosecutor does not want to win if the defendant is actually innocent. The defense lawyers might not be in the same boat but you get the idea. Justice is they intended by-product of both sides playing to win but some tactics produce victory but don’t produce justice. So there are rules.

    That might be a better analogy. Talking about wanting to lose a fight quickly and happily sounds too weird. Maybe I am just too competitive.

    • LeahLibresco

      Except I want to use the label that people are using in the moment of an argument. If my ideas are mentally tagged as ‘fighting tips’ then they’ll come up more easily when you feel like you’re in a fight. If you already felt like you were in a genial kind of trial, they’d be less needed.

  • wlinden

    The details are restricted to Meetup members, and I don’t want to join just to read it.

    • LeahLibresco

      That’s why I summarized them here. Did I leave anything out that you need to know?

  • Niemand

    I love that outfit. I definitely think you should wear it for the debate.