Something needs to change here

Something needs to change here February 1, 2014

Over on the Unfundamentalist Christians Facebook page, a student at Wheaton College shared with us the above photo of a sheet of paper he found stapled to a campus bulletin board. What’s typed on the paper is below.

Does the person who wrote this sound like a deviant moral reprobate, a danger to our nation and our children, an offense to God? Or does he just sound like a reasonable, good-natured, decent guy who only wants to be treated with the care and respect with which anyone living in a civilized society should expect as their natural due?

Being Gay at Wheaton: A Summary of my 9 months out of the closet

The following list includes examples of things that I have experienced as a gay male at Wheaton, and that other gay men might experience too. …

  • Guys will stop touching you. I’m not just talking about hugs. This includes handshakes, high-fives, and even squeezing past someone in a crowded area. Guys will also stop smiling at you, since it’s well-knwn that all gay people are innately attracted to all members of their gender.
  • Any guy that is seen hanging out with you on multiple occasions will have their sexuality questioned. For this reason, many of your friends might stop hanging out with you.
  • Your roommate’s friends will stop visiting their apartment, simply because you live there.
  • You will be extremely lonely.
  • You will have to sit through a New Testament class where the professor decides to spend an entire class period discussing his views on homosexuality. You will sit and listen to gay people be called abominations, diseased, and idolaters. This type of hurtful language will not stop, even after you’ve raised your hand and expressed how uncomfortable you are. The professor will later send you an email saying, “I don’t understand why you reacted the way you did. My wife is a flight attendant, we have a number of friendships with gay and lesbians.” (That’s word-for-word.)
  • Rumors will spread about you and your sexual activity (which is non-existent, by the way).
  • For every friend that decides to love you the same way they did before you came out, another friend will decide that being your friend would be supporting homosexuality, and will cut you off.
  • You will come to Wheaton after the worst summer of your life, after being fired from a Christian resale shop because a guy sexually assaulted you and, despite your claims of assault, the management deciding that since you are gay and male, “you must have wanted it.” You will find that there is NO space to talk about this on campus, no space to discuss the very real issues that gay people, Christian or not, face.
  • Whenever you bring up even one of these issues that you face every day, people will refuse to accept that things need to change, and will instead take the easy route of saying, “Why are you here then?”

In my opinion, something needs to change here.

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