January 12, 2015


Florida water by Boston Public Library. Licensed under CC 2.0
Florida water by Boston Public Library. Licensed under CC 2.0

Florida Water Cologne is an all purpose blessing in a bottle. It has been in use for over 200 years and it is still just as vital today. It is a staple in many different spiritual traditions. In my post Bless your soul with Florida Water I talk about how ” it is used everywhere from Peru to Italy to Surinam for sacred blessings. People wear it as a cologne like the name implies, or in any multitude of other ways. It seems to have undercurrents of lemon, lavender and bergamot. It’s a sweet citrus blend that is truly delightful.”

Murray & Lanman's Florida Water photo by Boston Public Library. Licensed under CC 2.0
Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water photo by Boston Public Library. Licensed under CC 2.0

21 Ways to Use Florida Water Cologne

  • Recommended for dozens of uses and here are a few to get you started.


Florida Water Cologne photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Florida Water Cologne photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
  1. Blessing Floorwash– Add Florida Water to your normal cleaning mix to add extra blessings of protection.
  2. Direction Foot Bath– Take a small basin or bucket, add warm water and a splash of the water and dip your feet to give you a blessing of guidance and direction.
  3. Dancing Feet Bath– Take a small basin or bucket, fill it with Florida Water, Rose Water, and 5 drops Ylang Ylang oil for a special blessing for your feet when you need to dance.
  4. Remove Negativity Bath – Draw yourself a bath, add a dash Florida Water, a handful of sea salt, and 3 drops of Frankincense oil. Use whenever negativity has got a hold of you.
  5. Happiness Bath – Draw yourself a bath, add a dash of Florida Water, a dash of Rose water and 3 drops of Lavendar oil to bring happiness and blessings.
  6. Laundry Rinse – Add a dash of this magickal Water to your fabric softener or final laundry rinse to bless and protect your clothes.
  7. Do a Pre-Ritual Cleanse by applying Florida Water to the back of your neck.
  8. Use it as Offering Water in the cemetery to honor the ancestors.
  9. Use it as Offering Water at the Crossroads to open your path.
  10. Bathe your crystals and magickal jewelry in diluted Florida Water to cleanse and protect them.
  11. Make a Good Luck Spray from Florida Water, Spring Water and 3 drops of Patchouly oil. Use before playing the lottery or gambling.
  12. Place Florida Water and Sea Water in a bowl under the bed to invite good dreams.
  13. Make a Protection Spray from Florida Water, Sea Water, and 3 drops Myrrh oil. Use generously.
  14. Sprinkle on windowsills and thresholds to protect your home and welcome good energy.
  15. Place a cap full of it in with your hair conditioner to bless your head.
  16. Make a Divination Blessing Spray from Florida Water, Tap Water and a small piece of Amethyst crystal in a spray bottle. Use before reading tarot cards on your hands, and on the space where you are doing the reading.
  17. A large Sacred Circle Blessing can be performed by sprinkling Florida water counterclockwise around your Home or ritual space.
  18. A small Sacred Circle Blessing can be performed on your ritual tools by laying them out on a cloth and sprinkling Florida water counterclockwise around that in a circle.
  19. Place a bowl of Florida Water under your sink with a quartz crystal in it for an easy Kitchen Blessing.
  20. Create a wash for 7 day candles in glass from tap water, holy water, and a dash of Florida Water.
  21. To do a Wallet Money Blessing bathe a cowrie shell in Florida Water, then carry it in your wallet or pocket for financial success.

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February 19, 2014

Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water photo by Boston Public Library. Licensed under CC 2.0

“Voodoo smells great,” this is one of the first things my godchildren say to newcomers to our rituals. They are right. One of the most divine things about Voodoo and Santeria is that these religions find a way to deliciously bless and protect participants with some delightful magickal scents. One of the main blessing ingredients used is Florida Water. This isn’t actually a water at all. It’s Florida Water Cologne, it has an alcohol base and a history as long as my arm.


Murray and Lanman’s “Most Popular Perfume in the World”

There is no other. For over two hundred years this preparation has been the gold standard of excellence. My Sicilian Strega-tastic Great-Grandmother used it as part of her daily routine and also as a blessing for St. Anthony. I’ve known Shamans who use it as a blessing to heal and access the world of the ancestors. It’s scented power wafts across boundaries, cultures and worlds.

The Murray Hill neighborhood in New York City was named for one of the company’s founders. There is even a quaint educational film about the history of this company.

Florida Water



How To Do Voodoo Blessings Done Rite


In New Orleans Voodoo practice we employ Florida water on almost all occasions. It is used for water blessings and consecration of altars. During possession trance Florida water is used to help the person transition between worlds. It is rubbed on the back of their neck, hands and feet. Florida water Cologne can be used both for grounding or protecting an individual during ceremony. Buy the large bottle and use liberally.


How To Use Florida Water in Santeria (Lucumi)


Every Santeria/Lucumi practitioner uses Florida Water. I’m not prone to making bold statements, but this is definitely true. Murray and Lanman’s first foreign factory was in the Santeria( Lukumi) hotbed of Havana, Cuba. The common belief is that this became a much used ingredient as access to more rare and unusual ingredients for the Orisha became difficult to obtain.

In Carlos Montenegro’s Santeria Formulary it is added to both bitter( for banishing) and sweet (for attracting) herb floorwashes. Montenegro covers almost everything in this valuable resource. I was fortunate enough to interview him before his death, and I was amazed and astounded at the wealth of his knowledge.


Use It Often

Florida Water, Murray & Lanman photo by Boston Public Library. Licensed under CC 2.0

You can do almost anything with Florida Water. People have been known to call it the “baking soda” of the Pagan world. I like to say it’s like liquid quartz crystal. An all purpose formula that lends itself to any direction you choose to point it in. First and foremost it is used for blessings and honoring the Lwa or Orisha ( Gods.)

It is used everywhere from Peru to Italy to Surinam for sacred blessings. People wear it as a cologne like the name implies, or in any multitude of other ways. It seems to have undercurrents of lemon, lavender and bergamot. It’s a sweet citrus blend that is truly delightful.

Varla Ventura’s Blog of the Bizarre It is an ingredient on the list of Spells to Damn Your Enemies. Even more mainstream Wicca practitioners use it to sprinkle over their altars and shrine. Florida Water can be used in almost any circumstance. Put some in your ritual bath water, sprinkle it on your shoes to guide your footsteps, bless your space and your self. What are your special uses for Florida Water? I would love to hear them.







July 13, 2018

Rose water photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

Water is life, and Rose Water is no exception. A long time ingredient in Hoodoo and other types of magick, Rose Water is a sweet and refreshing element in many different types of spells and rituals. Magickally it is used in spells for love, romance, healing, psychic energy, and protection. As a beauty product this can be used as a moisturizer, toner, hair rinse, a skin and face spray, and is even used as an ingredient in cooking.

Rose Water Instructions

There are many commercial preparations on the market, but you can also make your own if you want. The blog Everything Under the Moon tells us how :

Make Your Own Materials

• 2-3 quarts rose petals
• water
• ice cubes
• pot with rounded lid
• brick
• bowl that fits inside pot

1. Place the brick in the center of the pot. There is nothing magical about the brick. Its purpose is simply to hold the collection bowl above the surface of the roses.
2. Put the rose petals in the pot (around the brick) and add enough water to barely cover the petals.
3. Set the bowl on top of the brick. The bowl will collect the water.
4. Invert the lid of the pot (turn it upside down), so the rounded part of the lid dips into the pot.
5. Heat the roses and water to a gentle boil.
6. Place ice cubes on the top of the lid. The ice will cool the steam, condensing the rose water inside the pot and making it run down the lid and drip into the bowl.
7. Continue gently boiling the roses and adding ice as needed until you have collected the rose water. Don’t boil off all the water. You’ll collect the most concentrated rose water in the first few minutes. After that, it will become more and more dilute. Turn off the heat when you notice the condensation isn’t as rose-scented as you would like. You can collect between a pint and quart of rose water in 20-40 minutes using 2-3 quarts of rose petals.

Rose Water Happiness Spell

If you haven’t noticed already I love to use this ingredient everywhere. One of my favorite spells from my book Love Magic is for a Happiness Water Bath. It combine equal parts of Florida water, and rose water, along with lavender and carnation oil. You can use it in your bath, as a floorwash, or just sprinkle it around for great blessings of joy.

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January 30, 2016

Kolonia 1800.
Kolonia 1800.

The religions of Haitian Vodou, New Orleans Voodoo and La Regla Lucumi (Santeria) are marked by their wonderful smells. These sacred scents are present in the form of magickal oils, incense, and waters. The waters are most often colognes, detailed formulas of herbs, oils, alcohol, and actual waters to bring about positive change. By far the most popular water is Florida Water, used in all different recipes for love, healing, and more. A close second in popularity is certainly the Cuban cologne known as Kolonia 1800. This famous formula is made by Crusellas and Company, a Cuban company that traces it’s origins back to 1863. Some websites say this product is a good cologne for men that will bring “immediate freshness,” but that isn’t it’s only purpose. There are several magickal uses for the colognes, some of which are listed below.

  • Kolonia 1800- Used for all purpose blessings and cleansings.
  • Kolonia 1800 Con Sandalo (Sandalwood)- The use of Sandalwood here adds an extra level of protection from negativity and evil.
  • Kolonia Con Lavanda (Lavendar)- Lavendar works as an all purpose psychic amplifier in your magickal recipes. It can be used for healing, protection, love, money, and more. In the religion of Brazilian Candomble it is used for all of the different Orixas.
  • Kolonia Con Vetivert- Vetivert is used to bring calm, and also blessings of love and money. It is a popular ingredient in formulas for Hi-John oil, where it is combined with Hi-John Root to give success in court cases and legal situations.
  • Kolonia with Tobacco – This is also used in court cases and spells to remove negativity.

Kolonia Consecrating Water– Use this spell formula to consecrate and charge your magickal tools and spaces.


1 cup Kolonia Water
1 cup Florida Water
1 cup Sea Water
½ cup Rose Water
Quartz crystal
White cloth

kolonia 1800 at the Voodoo Spiritual Temple, 828 N. Rampart St. New Orleans. All rights reserved.
kolonia 1800 at the Voodoo Spiritual Temple, 828 N. Rampart St. New Orleans. All rights reserved.

Place the white cloth on your altar or ritual working space. Combine all ingredients together in a large glass, or ceramic bowl on top of the cloth. Lift the bowl into the air to bless it with the ashe or energy of the universe. Alternatively you may magickally charge it with whatever method you are comfortable with. Place the ritual items you wish to consecrate on the cloth and sprinkle the water around them counterclockwise in a circle. Leave them in this circle overnight. They are then ready to use. You may put the rest of the water mixture in a spray bottle or other container and use to bless your items in future.

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June 21, 2014

St. John’s Eve Voodoo Blessing Ceremony preparations 2014, photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

St. John’s Eve is thought of as the holiest day of the year in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition. Much of its popularity is due to the famous Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau who, it is believed, held large ceremonies for St. John Eve on the Bayou St. John and Lake Ponchartrain. There is much myth and misconception about this pioneering woman; for more information, please read the Real Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

St. John’s Eve is celebrated traditionally on June 23rd. It was a sacred time occurring right around the solstice, a magickal time for light, joy, and blessings ! The following can be used as a blessing water for your self and home. Use liberally !

St. John’s Eve Blessing Water Recipe

Holy Water

River or Bayou Water (Preferably from the Mississippi or even better the Bayou St. John)

Florida Water

3 drops Frankincense Oil

1 handfuls white rose petals

Mix together equal parts of the three waters, along with the oil and rose petals. Take the mixture and make the sign of the cross with it in the air. It is now ready to use for blessings.

For those of you in NYC please join us for our annual St. John’s Eve Ceremony — this year we are having a Voodoo Blessing and BBQ at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Sunday June 22nd 11:30 am (weather permitting.) There will be a chance to leave offerings, ask questions and gather together on this holiest day of Voodoo. Look for us near the BBQ area, bring offerings of flowers, fruit, and your smile!

January 10, 2022

swamp cypress
Swamp cypress tree image. Copyright Free.

Cypress is a majestic plant. It exists between the land and water rising high above all it can see. It is used around the world for magickal protection, longevity, curse removal, and psychic connection to the dead. Let’s dive deep into this plant’s watery roots.

Death and Transformation

Alchemy-works.com tells us traditionally ” in Europe, coffins were built of cypress and funeral garlands and wreaths made of its branches to represent eternal life. This magick herb is sacred to Hades (“the unseen”), the god of the Underworld and thus of both death and earthly riches, who was stern, ferocious in battle, and just. Cypress is also the tree of the Blood Moon (October) and is linked to elemental Earth, not only through Hades but especially in the form of the Phrygian goddess of earth and caves, Cybele/Kybele. She ruled over the natural world, wild animals, dark magick, and revenge. Cypress represents life after death and comfort for grief.” I’ve have often used this botanical as part of my offerings for ancestors and the beloved dead. It may also be helpful to place a piece in your pocket during funerals or times of grief.

Cleansing and Protection

Fresh cypress branches, or dried if absolutely necessary, can be used to perform a cleansing blessing on yourself or your space. Prepare a mixture of spring water, florida water, and tap water from your home. Loosely tie a few branches of cypress together with a natural white string or cord, use this to dip in the water and sprinkle about yourself and home. Repeat as often as necessary.

Grounding and Earthing

The plant Cypress is connection to the element of earth. It can be used to connect with our planet and our place in it. It can also be used to performing workings relating to the Earth- like finances or home. For this purpose it is best to use incense or the actual plant included in the spell.


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March 10, 2021

Palmistry hand licensed under CC 0.0

The first time I read palms it was at one of our temple feasts and I had to read everyone in attendance including my Priestess. It was terrible. I was bad. This was all in preparation for a potential gig for Michael Bloomberg (I.KID.YOU.NOT). I was tasked with learning palmistry if I wanted to be a reader at this party and our feast day was my test. Well after I crashed and burned I went to my local library and hunkered down. My redemption came a month or so later at the NYC Renaissance Fair. I was with my Priestess and had no cash and really wanted some funnel cake. So without much promoting the next thing I hear is my Priestess calling out “Five Dollar Handjobs!” (I.KID.YOU.NOT.) While I stood in shock she let me know this was going to be my palmistry make-up test: make enough money to buy a funnel cake. To quote Queenie from AHS Coven, “you wouldn’t understand. This is Voodoo.”

This time was different though. As I took my clients hands in mine everything I read up on came to me. What surprised me were things that were not in palmistry books. So much focus is one the lines, life, fate, heart. But there was also so much in the mounds, phalanxes, and phalanges. Beneath are things I have learned about palmistry from experiences and researching different magickal sources.

Cleanse and protect
It is common practice to cleanse and purify oracular tools (tarot, pendulum etc.). Since palmistry doesn’t involve any additional devices there is usually less if not any emphasis on cleansing and protecting. When reading palms it is a good idea to cleanse yourself and your client. As a Voodooist I prefer florida water, but use whatever you would in your tradition. Also protect. I wear a piece of black tourmaline as a way to protect myself from unwanted energies after a reading.

Trust your intuition

Reading palms is a personal business. Other than the lines on the palm and the other details you may start get images, feels, sensations that seem to come from nowhere. Go with it. If palmistry works who is to say psychometry doesn’t as well. This can be helpful for beginners who aren’t quite sure where to start with their reading. Clear your mind, expand your senses and trust your intuition.

Holding Hands
A client that holds their hands wide open are most likely extroverts while an introvert may hold their hand more cupped. I also ask to see both my clients dominate and non-dominate hands. A the more alike they are to each other the more self aware a client is of themselves. Vastly different hands may mean this person does not hold a accurate self -image.

The Flexibility Test
In addition to lines, fingers are also treasure troves of knowledge. Each finger has a corresponding heavenly body ( Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus) from pinky to thumb. If you have a good working knowledge you can add an extra level of depth. Lets take the thumb. Ruled by Venus, the thumb gives us a window into a person’s emotional side. Give your client’s thumb a wiggle! If its stiff this may be a stubborn personality not willing to adjust to change. If its all loosey goosey then you may be dealing with a jokester a real clown. The flexibility test is also a great icebreaker. See what else you can pick up on with the other fingers as well.

It puts the notion on its skin
So little is written about interpreting skin. You could stare at the lines for a good 20 minutes (sometime it be like that) and ignore basic information that is in the condition of a person’s skin. In traditional Chinese medicine, the palms as well as the eyes, tongue, and foot soles are all used to help diagnose a person’s condition. Does your client have callous hands? You can tell they a hard worker so check their to see if their life line can keep up with this lifestyle. Press down on a fleshy part of the palm. Does the skin. If an indent remains for more then a few seconds this person has not been hydrating. Are they taking care of themselves. Don’t let a client obsess on noncritical things if you see warning flags.

… Witch!
Some people are born with an extra finger. This mutation runs on my own family with both my grandmother and brother were both born with twelve fingers. While they neither my grandmother nor brother were invited to Xavier Institute they would must definitely had tried as witches if they born a few centuries ago. Dating back to the time of Anne Boleyn an additional finger was seen as a witch’s mark. I would like to think this is somewhat true. If not supernatural powers definitely a sharp mind and even sharper tongue. My rule of thumb (hehe) is that if you see something like any extra finger or anything else that would totally get you burned at the stake in the 1600’s do not view it as a stigma but a sign that your client may benefit from exploring their spirituality more.

Like all divining skills it take practice. If you hit a wall try to study other things like numerology and astrology as well. Be patient and remember to have fun.

Tehron Gillis is a Westchester based slam poet and writer, is a voodoo initiate and rootworker. Practicing magic and tarot for over a decade, Tehron works towards exploring LGBTQ and ethnic themes in the craft.

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