My Experience with Sathya Sai Baba Group

My Experience with Sathya Sai Baba Group May 6, 2013

Brad and I went to check out the Sathya Sai Baba group at the interfaith center on Saturday.

There was a special event going on for Mother’s day with the teenage groups doing a presentation. We were a little late getting there (it was quite a busy weekend!), so we slipped in and got the second half of the boy’s presentation about recycling, reusing, and the protection of the environment. Definitely a cause near and dear to my heart!

Then the girls sang some gorgeous music to slides of pictures of the swami and a woman I think was his mother. They told some beautiful stories about mothers and their importance. Within the slides there were images of all the schools and hospitals set up by Sai Baba. There was also a slide of the swami saying that all religions are valid paths to God. A message that lines up perfectly with my beliefs!

We had an excellent time!

I could definitely, without a doubt, send my children to their kid’s program. They seem to be raising delightful children. There were kids of all ages running around, lots of families. It was great.

After the children’s presentation, there was a break and we got a chance to say hello to some people. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly.

I had been a little uncertain putting on a sari for it, not knowing how formal they would be, but the women were all wearing dressy Indian clothes so I fit right in. We were the only non-Indians there, but it wasn’t an issue at all!

I really like this group. I think they are exactly what I was looking for. And can you believe it’s a half mile walk down a bike path to get there? So close! It’s been there a long time, too. The president was telling me that they have some children who grew up in their program who are going to college now.

They’ve got an hour of devotional singing as well as a study group to discuss scripture. So perfect!

We will probably still check out the UU service on Sunday, but I am for sure going to spend most of my Saturdays with the Sai Baba group.

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