Other Hindu Blogs

Other Hindu Blogs October 11, 2013

Here are some other blogs that you may want to take a look at…

Hindu-Blog: SO informative. It has posts for every little holiday, festival, fast, etc. I love getting their updates on Facebook.

Anju Bhargava is a blogger at The Huffington Post

Western Hindu is a blogger friend of mine from WAY BACK! On his blog he highlights a number of non-Indian Hindu blogs. Take a look at the wide variety of ways people come to Hinduism and relate to Hinduism. Here’s the page with all the Western Hindu blogs: http://western-hindu.org/westerners-following-hinduism/

Diary of a White Indian Housewife: This is a huge and very popular blog. I’ve chatted a little bit with Sharell before and she’s a lovely woman. She wrote a beautiful book about her love story and what brought her to India.

http://amarchotoprithibi.blogspot.com/ Doesn’t update that often, but when Andrea has something to say, she really says it. Wonderfully articulate and a good friend and regular reader here. This isn’t, strictly speaking, a Hindu blog, but it is the blog of someone with deep connections to India and her religions and cultures.

Om Sweet Om: The blog of a Hindu American woman of Indian ancestry.

Masala Mommas: An “online magazine” about food, culture, parenting, fashion, etc. all from the perspective of south Asian moms.

 And of course there are other Hindu blogs here at Patheos! Check out the Hindu channel: http://www.patheos.com/Hindu.html

On the theme of informative things, I just discovered this book and it is going straight to my wishlist! Looks really interesting and a good addition to my Baby Hope Chest.

The Indian Parenting Book: Imparting Cultural Heritage to the Next Generation.

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