Bindi Fashion

Bindi Fashion November 24, 2014

As much as I love all the deep philosophical pondering I can pack into my life, I am also a girly girl who has a fondness for fashion and beauty.

If you’ve been a reader here for a while then you may remember that I have a strange fascination for head covering fashion blogs, both Muslim and Orthodox Jewish. I gravitate to them and spend hours looking at fashion blogs that include hijabs and other head coverings. Most recently when I was doing it I realized that I felt like these outward signs of faith mixed with fashion are a way for the ladies in religious communities to bond and come together. I miss that we don’t have that.

Then I thought, well we Hindu ladies have the bindi. And even though I usually wear a small plain bindi as an outward symbol of my faith to avoid being accused of cultural misappropriation (wearing it just because it looks pretty), why shouldn’t we take advantage of the variety of colors and shapes in bindis to make our own Hindu-specific fashion?

Sorry, boys, this post kind of leaves you out. But for the girls, I want to have our own answer to hijabi fashion blogs and so I started playing with Polyvore, a site where you can create dream outfits. I want to create outfits that show how bindis and bangles can be part of ever day wear for Hindus in the west. We can have our western style but integrate the bindi into it. A bindi doesn’t have to be just for going to your cousin’s wedding or dressing up for Diwali.

I’ve been creating like crazy over the weekend with these rules for myself:

  • Include a bindi that matches the outfit (many were inspired by the bindis themselves)
  • Include matching bangles
  • Avoid any leather products
  • Keep the outfits reasonably modest

Check out my #BindiFashion so far!

Cute & Pink
Green Fancy
Movie Night Outfit

If you’re on Polyvore or Pinterest, tag some fashion #BindiFashion so I can find your creations!

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  • Madhu K Agnihotri

    Nice effort Ambaa… Bindi is also reminder of Advaita way of life. Advaitan city, Advaitan valley, will be such wonderful place to live. Satya yuga was and is nice place to live an Ideal place for Dharmic yogic vedic way of Life where Dharma only prevails people work for each others welfare progressive scientific yet socially stick to Grounds and there shall be no suffering,Bindi is reminder of all this beauty Women can change a family to Nation to world

    • Ambaa


  • Amar

    ha ha your wish.

  • Jasmin

    You’re seriously such an inspiration. I’ve been stalking your blog for a few days because I recently decided to become Hindu and you’ve helped me so much and I can relate to you as I am white as well. I get worried that I’ll be accused of cultural appropriation for wearing bindis, like yes you can just wear a normal bindi but on some occasions it would be nice to wear a more decorative bindi.

    • Ambaa

      Aw! Thank you for such a sweet comment. I think wearing the bindi does take some guts. You have to kind of build up to it if you’re anything like me. What I’ve started doing lately is having the plain red liquid bindi and then adding a fancy one to match my outfit right above it. So far no one has ever approached in public with any negative comment. Usually what happens is someone will say, “Hey, you have a bindi” and I’ll say, “Yeah, I’m a Hindu” and they’ll say, “That’s awesome.” Vast majority of the time that’s how it plays out!