PoojaMyself App

PoojaMyself App February 27, 2015

What a fantastic idea!

I am so impressed with this app idea. 

This iDevice app not only provides you with a list of US temples and reminders for festivals, it also has step by step instruction for various pujas you can do at home. You can purchase a little kit too that has all the ingredients you need for the puja you want to perform! They’ve got pujas for Shiva, Ganesha, and also pujas for a new car or a new house. 


Unfortunately for me it requires operating system 7.0 to run and my iPod is too old to update to that system. Since there isn’t an Android version, I have no way to get this app. I hope one of you will try it out and let me know what it’s like!

I discovered this app because the pooja kits are sold on Amazon and they look so cute and well put together!


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  • Thank you for your kind review. Our sincere effort with Poojamyself is to enable everyone to be able to perform Poojas on their own. Our iPhone App provides in-app purchases for Poojas that have guided Poojas by a renowned pandit. It provides checklists for Preparation and Samagri(Pooja Kit) that simplifies preparation for Poojas.

    • Ambaa

      It’s absolutely wonderful and I might have to buy a new iPod just so I can use it! (Mine is five years old, so I’m not surprised that it’s too out of date to work!)

    • Would you please consider porting this to Android? Apple products are a minority, a lot of people who prefer Android are missing out on such a great app.

  • Awesome!