The Newest White Hindu

The Newest White Hindu January 14, 2016

Yesterday we went for our very first ultrasound and got to see our baby! An absolutely amazing experience that is impossible to describe. It has made the whole thing feel more real and helped me to look forward to our future and get excited. I am happy to no longer need to call the baby “It” as we now know…it’s a boy!
Meet Garrick Ravi Choate!

People were right when they reassured me that pregnancy would get easier. The first trimester was pretty brutal but part way into the second it started to get better. Around 17 weeks I started feeling pretty good (anti-depressants have been an important part of that too). I have my appetite back, I can enjoy my food again, and that makes a big difference to my mood. I don’t feel sick anymore. I’m still tired a lot and sleeping a great deal but I have the time to do that and I give myself a pass because growing a human is hard work.

I’m beginning to get a belly which mostly delights me. I like looking pregnant at last. I can feel him moving and it’s the strangest sensation I’ve ever had. It’s all fluttery like butterflies in your stomach.

It’s so hard to wait to hold him in my arms but he’s got about four and half more months of cooking to do!

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  • Lisa

    Congratulations! I’m very happy for you>

  • Emily.E.N

    Congratulations on finally being able to see a baby! But last week, even before I read the post, the title took me by surprise. I understand that you’ll want to raise your baby a Hindu, but what if he decides to be something else, like you did?

    • Ambaa

      Good eye! I’m sure I’ll be writing a lot more about this but my plan and intention is to raise him Hindu but also open minded. I want him to learn about other faiths and to have a good basis to understand what people get from religion. My parents always told me that I had to follow their way of life until I was 16 and then I could choose for myself if I wanted to keep practicing. I thought that was a good way to do it. I really don’t want to push Garrick into being what I want him to be (other than, say, a good and compassionate person!) and I’m most looking forward to just watching him develop into the person that he is separate from me.

      • rosewelsh44

        Giving your child a good spiritual base is wonderful. It’s something I didn’t have and now I just wander around agnostic at best. I have no traditional spiritual practices from childhood to bolster me during hard times. With Hinduism he’ll have that, even if he winds up in another belief system, he’ll have something to fall back on… meditation, ritual, memories of those spiritual and religious times he spent growing up in a loving family.

        • Ambaa

          Exactly. That’s been my theory.

  • Madhu K Agnihotri

    Shiva Shiva Goood Congratulations…