Is it still patience if you have no choice?

Is it still patience if you have no choice? April 22, 2016

At last my due date is actually within sight. It felt like this time would never come! But now I’m five weeks from the expected arrival of my son. It’s absolutely amazing. No matter how many billions of times this has happened before, it is still such a miracle.

And it is SO HARD to wait to hold him in my arms, to look into his eyes!

One might say that it requires patience to get through the last month of pregnancy, but I don’t think I can claim the virtue of patience when there’s nothing I can do about it. It requires waiting, but how gracefully you wait is an open question.

I have no control over when he’ll make his appearance. I have no choice but to wait.

There are so few times in our lives when we have to confront how little control we have over things. Most of the time we can feel like we are running our lives. It’s moments like this when the illusion of control is ripped away from you. Not that we don’t do funny little things to feel like we are helping the process along. There’s all sorts of tips and tricks out there for bringing on labor. But does any of it really work? Not unless your body is ready say the doctors.

Patience has never been my forte. But there is nothing I can do to hurry this process along. So I don’t think my waiting counts as patience.

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