What Are Men Afraid Of?

What Are Men Afraid Of? May 18, 2016

The struggle to bring women’s rights back into equality with men’s is one that is happening in every culture that I know of all around the world. There’s still a long way to go in both India and America for women to have autonomy over their own lives, to have the choices that men have, and to be treated as human beings.

The saddest thing about this to me is that traditional Hindu culture had more equality for women than current culture does anywhere. Think about the word “equality” for a moment. It doesn’t mean better than, above, more than. Women are not trying to take anything away from men in the fight to have their choices be respected.

Yet there are men who seem to be very threatened by women being allowed to have access to the same choices they do. I saw this particularly heartbreakingly in a Facebook group a few days ago. A man posted an article (and actually this article is slightly more complete) about women protesting at Kumbh Mela and his comment on it was a rant about rights and equality for women being a tool of Western oppression trying to change other people’s cultures.


First of all, I read the article about the situation at Kumbh Mela and it seemed very reasonable for the women to be protesting. It is a group of sadhu women (sadhvi), which is not something you see every day. But why shouldn’t women have the option to become ascetics if that’s the path to God their heart desires? However, this akhara of all-female ascetics might be the first of its kind. Most (perhaps all but this one) sadhu groups are run by men. This group of women was prevented from dipping into the Ganga during the festival. Because male sadhus felt that it went against custom for a woman to lead an akhara.

Second this idea that discrimination against women is traditional is ridiculous. I know I’m biased and I have a tendency of falling into the trap of thinking that Vedic culture was perfect and colonization ruined everything (and yes I know there’s a big gap between those two things). No society is perfect, especially in the Kali Yuga, but in this case I feel like there is a lot of validity to this fear being an effect of colonization. I’ve written before here and here about strong women of Hinduism. The past is chock full of them. A female sage defeated the great Yajnavalkya in debate and he respected her wisdom.

Again, women are not asking to take over anything. One female-led group of holy people and you’re going to freak out? One? What’s it to you to allow women the freedom you already enjoy? What could be more dharmic than equality? Think about if the tables were turned. If you were denied an opportunity only because you were a man, would that be okay?

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    The colonised are brown English by mind set. That’s the problem. To recharge it it will millennia to deprogram. Me for one I am all for equality. There are times I do thank the Eglish for the way I am.

  • Seeker

    Many men feel inadequate as people and actually feel inferior to other men. They get to lord it over women and imagine in their minds a world of us vs them in respect to women. They seem to think that manhood is some special club to which only the “karmically blessed” belong and a woman should only be barefooted and pg in order to fulfill HIS definition of what she should be. Never mind HER definition. The same can also be said of racist and other bigots. There are enough self loathing women around to give these boys encouragement in their hate to keep the cycle going forever.

    As a man I have my disagreements with radical feminism (ie that all men are their enemies) but that is just as wrong to me as “women belonging only in the kitchen.”

  • Amar

    it’s opposite here, no one asks a seat in any over cowed bus except females, different lines for women to pay their utility bill is very much common here. it’s going in wrong direction, and we male are sufferers here inindia (only because of wrong claim of west of women’s oppression). We never exploited or oppressed womens, why we are getting sufferings?

  • Amar

    either you are trying to mislead or troll, we are not afraid of women, we are keeping away the “Menaka (विश्वमित्र वाली) effect”.

  • Santokh Garrett Singh

    Feminist nonsense, what rights do men have in the West that women don’t? What “privileges” do men have in the West? The privileged of making up roughly 80% of the homeless, 99% of workplace fatalities, 75-80% of all suicides? While women make up the majority of high-school/college graduates receive INFINITELY more attention in school, are constantly being encouraged into EVERY field of study at the expense of men, are granted affirmative action in jobs and universities, regardless of whether or not they are actually qualified, receive absurd amounts of funding and support for female diseases, while diseases like prostate cancer, and testicular cancer are often relegated to the back of the bus (as far as human ailments go). Women have been given the right to vote, without having to bare the burden of the draft, are given equal rights, while at the same time STILL given the typical female privileges associated with traditionalism and chivalry (“Save the women and children first!” How about just, “save the children!”?), women are given roughly an 80% less severe penalty (when compared to men) for ALL crimes. Women are encouraged to have careers, degrees, etc, while at the same time they can forego all those things and choose to be “stay at home mom’s” without any social blowback, while at the same time men are considered useless, worthless, and unnecessary if they do not have educations, careers, jobs, etc. Sure, a man can be a stay at home dad, but he will inevitably receive criticism of being a deadbeat looser, where is the equality of genders there? Women are given preferential treatment in the family court system, preferential treatment in the political sphere, preferential treatment in the medical sphere. How many battered women’s shelters are there? Hundreds if not thousands. How many battered mens shelters are there? Roughly zero. Indeed, even the idea of being a man who is abused by his spouse is simply laughed at, while the primary question which is asked is, “what did he do to deserve it?” I could go on, and on, and on, and on AND, I could reference ALL of my sources, if I thought anyone here would care enough to read them. That being said, I will reference Karen Straughn, and Erin Pitzy for starters. I reference these two WOMEN because if I referenced men, more than likely the references will be discredited as “misogynistic” however, its much harder to throw out those ad hominem, leftist terms when its WOMEN who are also standing up for men’s rights and speaking about the absolutely astounding levels of acceptable misandry which is allowed in the west. Karen Straughn, and Erin Pitzy, two incredibly intelligent women who can explain everything I said with infinitely greater detail and clarity than I have. All their videos can be found on Youtube…. Look it up,and leave this feminist cultural marxist ideology behind, because men are getting tired of it and and simply going to continue to walk away (MGTOW). Also, if you absolutely must subscribe to feminist indoctrination, then keep it to yourself and keep it OUT of my religion.