I Can’t Wake Up From This Dystopian Nightmare

I Can’t Wake Up From This Dystopian Nightmare November 9, 2016

It is surreal to be in a world that would put a racist pig into such a dignified and important office. I never thought it would come to this. At first it was like a joke and now it’s a sick reality. I have to respect that this is what the American people want (unlike our current President I respect democracy. Let’s just hope four years from now we still have democracy).

This isn’t a matter of my side losing. I knew that we had a great Democrat President for eight years and I was ready to give Republicans their turn. We all want what’s best for America and we have different ideas of how to get there. And then Republicans go and choose someone who seems to go against most of what they have stood for. No family values, no dignity, no compassion, no “Christian” values. A party that believes in tradition put their weight behind a man with no experience and no qualifications who only speaks lies and hatred. My mind just cannot compute how this is possible.

This is the sort of person who would arrest people who criticize him so I had better stop talking.

If you need me I’ll be burying my head in the sand and fighting suicidal urges.

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    Oh, come on he’s not as bad as people think, I am sure there is a person inside him that think rationally, and he isn’t a total pig. Wink, only in America this happens.

    • Ambaa

      I’m legit terrified.

      • Chandraprakash Tripathi

        Discuss…hello ambai i would like to be your friend, my kik is satyam7487, also on whatsapp and facebook

      • I don’t know if this will help, or even if it will reach you, a month after your OP. But, in hope it will on both counts:


        This disgrace for a human is not nor will he ever be my president. I will be fighting him every step of the way, to ensure we not only still have a democracy in 2 years and 4 years, but a viable planet left with a future for our children to pass on to theirs and so on. You can join, if it will help. We all should join together. We need to make sure that in future we also have decent candidates. The trend of the candidates we have been given and the partisan cronies is house and Congress needs to end now.
        <3 _/|_

        • Ambaa

          Thank you. It helps to hear that someone else is seeing that we have work to do to help and protect the future.

    • Mike Malzahn

      “only in America this happens.” you have to be kidding. look at the guy in the Philippines. how about putin? mugabe?

      please america will be fine. he can’t do most of the outlandish things he said. other than building an entire wall, which clearly isn’t needed, but not that outlandish. there are walls all over the world to keep illegal aliens out.

      • Spencer Surya O’Boyle

        I’m not going to feign surprise at people’s reactions to President Trump winning the election. These are the very same people who demanded that President Trump answer the question, “Will you accept the outcome of this election no matter the results?” Trump wins and these people take to the streets, destroy property, block traffic, attack (physically) Trump supporters, fall down on the ground and have baby fits, can’t go to school or work because they are too upset, and on and on and on, like that. How utterly hypocritical and ignorant the reactions. If people would stop and breathe for a minute, calm down and let your rational mind take over and let your reactionary mind go, you would realize that President Trump couldn’t possibly do all the things people are so horrified about, most of which is not even true, It’s just mass hysteria. There are certain things a president can and cannot do. For the most part, Congress makes laws. There is a process to creating and passing law. The president cannot and does not just sit in an over sized chair creating laws on a whim. They can, however, make an ‘executive order’. You know, like Obama’s executive order for his “African American Education Initiative” which if read it, and read between the it is quite racist but I do not believe Trump is going to go overboard and turn into a tyrannical, racist dictator. I would also like to add building the wall is not racially motivated and I don’t know how it became viewed as such. What is wrong with securing the borders of our country? How is it racist to ensure the safety of our land and it’s inhabitants? I am sick to death of all the claims of ‘racism’ and people pulling the race card for everything. It’s old and it’s tired. Another ironic thing here is that the people who cry ‘racism’ for everything and claim t be victims are the most racist of all. They ensure the existence of racism. Pranam…
        !!! Jai Maa Kali !!!

        • Mike Malzahn

          yeah the president doesn’t have a whole lot of power. it is funny that few people vote for their mayors and city councils, they have a lot more power to affect your life than the president. about the only thing the president can do is effect tax policy and foreign policy.

          I’m not sure what blacks are concerned about, or why trump is considered a racist by them? and i’ve notice quite a few ‘trans’ signs among the protesters. what has he ever said about trans people. he said catlyn jenner can use whatever bathroom she wants in trump tower.

          the race card is about all the dems have left. trump isn’t even a republican, he is more a democrat than many democrats. what is up with all this free child care and protectionism?

          • Spencer Surya O’Boyle

            100% true, my friend. There are quite a few possibilities why the blacks consider Trump racist. 1) He’s a white man. All white people are racist from birth. That’s the narrative brought to you today by the Criminal Liberal Media and sponsored in part (3/4’s part probably) by George Soros. BLM has pretty much fallen of the radar since they did not succeed in accomplishing the goal set for by their employers. (2) Someone said he was a racist so it must be true. (3) That is all they have left to play (as you said).I live in a Hispanic neighborhood, I speak fluent Spanish, I work side by side with Hispanics and it is quite funny that they all repeat the same thing, “Trump, he is a racist” can be heard for miles around. It’s like if you were camped out next to a lake in the summertime during the evening and it’s growing very dark out and it is almost silent all around. Then you hear one bullfrog croaking near you. Then another starts a little ways off to the left, then one a little further down the right. Then you hear another one off to the left, then one over here, then one over there. Then one over here and then one over there, over there, over there, over there, and over there. All around you can hear so many bullfrogs. Very similar to that is that where I live you hear one person say, “Trump is a racist, he hates Hispanic people” then you here another one say it, then another one, and another one and another one and another one. When I ask them why they feel this way the typical answer is that it’s because he wants to build that wall and secure the borders. okay…as I said in my last post, there is nothing race related about that at all and when I ask for very specific reasons why he may be a racist other than building a wall and if they could present some evidence of their accusation as proof they’ve got nothing to show. Then they get angry at me because apparently, facts are racist and so too, am I then. Haha! :/ Okay, I’ve rambled on enough about that point. Why should we,a sovereign nation, have to apologize to ANYONE for building a wall and securing our borders? Ridiculous!

  • Unbiased Observer

    My goodness, you have some soul-searching to do. In one blog you remind us to “see God in everyone . . . ” and in this blog you say horrible things about another. YOU know better even if Trump doesn’t.

    • Ambaa

      It’s tough. I’m trying hard to get back my equilibrium and finding God in everyone, but I’m far from perfect.