Ayurveda Cookbook

Ayurveda Cookbook December 30, 2016

My mom found this amazing ayurveda cookbook with a ton of information at Yoga Day near her home. You guys know I was curious to learn more about the principals of this Hindu system of health and I found it difficult to get info for a beginner.

ayurveda cookbook

So my mom brought this ayurvedic cookbook to me and I was blown away by the quality. This is a gorgeous book which is half information about ayurveda and half recipes that support the different ayurvedic body types. It’s also just physically a really beautiful book. It is large, with a thick hefty cover and beautifully designed pages. Could definitely put this out as a coffee table book.

ayurveda cookbook

Brad and I were amazed to really easily figure out our body types. We are both very strongly skewed towards one, not an even balance! I am, like, 90% pitta and Brad is about 90% kapha. It was really interesting to me that kapha covered both Brad’s size as well as his calm and steady demeanor. Pitta got me right down to hardly ever sweating.

ayurveda cookbook

There are still some aspects that I’m struggling to understand. Such as how you know if you are out of balance.

But I will be trying out some of these recipes and if you’d like to learn more about ayurveda, I highly recommend this book!

ayurveda cookbookIt can be purchased from:

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