Words Don’t Have Meanings

Words Don’t Have Meanings January 9, 2017

I end up in this debate every once in a while. I struggle to understand the purpose of telling people not to use words the way they do.

I know there is this idea that the Sanskrit word for something is the real and correct word. But to me a word only means what we agree for it to mean. We all have slightly different connotations but we can build a bridge of understanding with the imperfect words we have. Language is always going to be somewhat imprecise.

This post is inspired by someone who told me not to use the word “Hindu” and I find that, frankly, ridiculous.

If you want to die on this hill, trying to police billions of people to stop saying “Hinduism,” you go right ahead. I won’t be joining you in that crusade.

The word “Hindu/Hinduism” has referred to the practices of Sanatana Dharma for at least hundreds of years. It has no other meaning that anyone remembers.

My purpose is to help support people’s journey into Santana Dharma and I’m going to keep on using the words they will recognize.

You don’t have to agree with me but I personally think you should stop scaring people who are already afraid of giving offense.

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