Roll Call

Roll Call March 14, 2017

Priyanka, a friend from the Facebook page, said that she would like to connect with American Hindus and non-Indian Hindus. I thought for a few minutes about how I might help with that and I decided that I should do a post asking people to introduce themselves. So this is that post!

Whether you are an Indian Hindu in India, an Indian Hindu in America, a non-Indian Hindu in India, a non-Indian Hindu in America or anything in between, please leave a comment and tell us a little about yourself!

  • Are you a native Hindu or a new Hindu?
  • Do you live in the U.S., India, Canada, UK, or somewhere else?
  • What are your favorite online resources and places for Hindus?

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  • DudeFromDC

    Hi Amba,

    It’s very nice to get meet like-minded folks out there. Thanks for doing this!!

    So, let me introduce myself – I am an “Indian Hindu” from Kerala (South India); originally and moved to US 15 years ago. I now live in Northern Virginia (not Ashburn, if you know what I mean 🙂 ).

    I am not pious (like most Hindus from Kerala) but life in the US made me realize the greatness and profoundness of India’s past and it’s traditions (I don’t mean one is greater than other, its just something I used to ignore for most part of my childhood and early adulthood). Also, I am dealing with my first-grader daughter questioning why we don’t go to church and how come Jesus is not our god, which seems to be shocking for some of her classmates.

    I have a growing interest in Indian philosophy and watch Ramana Maharshi’s and his disciples’ (David Godman, Ram Dass etc) videos in Youtube (that’s something I recommend for those who are interested). I don’t go to temples here, so I don’t know much about them.

    I am also quite interested in meeting others especially non-Indian Hindus or Hindus born and brought up in other cultures to learn about their journey to Hinduism and unique perspective a non-Indian Hindu can offer.

    Looking forward for others to introduce themselves here.

    Amba, do you know if there is a group that meets regularly (in DC area at least) and if there isn’t, should we think of setting one up? I believe this will be a great way to share experiences, concerns and also learn from one another.

    Thanks again!

  • Priya Sareen

    Hi. I am Priyanka Sareen from India. I am a native Hindu. My favorite resources are the Bhagwad Gita, which I read extensively. Also I managed to buy myself pdf copies of Vedas from Agniveer, which I am yt to study. Since childhood, I have been watching the Ramayana, which reveals a new angle to it every time I watch it.

    I would love to interact with more Hindus across the world and to discover new facets of my religion with them and to see how together we can achieve more.

  • ash

    Hello. Ash from Durban, South Africa. Native Hindu. Most Indians in here, having arrived through indentured labour, are religious, having kept customs and traditions alive through segregation and apartheid and there are plenty of temples around. It’s interesting reading your blog and seeing another perspective on the faith.

  • Romi

    Hello. This is Abhimanyu Singh. A native Hindu now in New Delhi, India. I haven’t, sadly, figured out the ritual part yet. My parents were too westernized. I am self-taught in many ways. The philosophy is what i managed with so far. But as you know worship is important, and I am working on that now. I like learning from anyone and everyone if they strike me as sincere. I am happy to say I find as many non-natives as natives that are those two things, and that is good, especially online. I have friends who have crises of faith frequently and it saddens me. Hindu community life is very deficient even here in India now, especially in the urban areas. I was looking for videos on worship and found one of yours, and liked it for its simplicity, humility and wisdom (the best traits I find), and then a page on your patheos account brought me here.

    My favorite online resources are websites i google like those by Prof Kapil Sharma, Rajiv Malhotra, David Frawley, Michel Danino, etc. and people like you 🙂 It helps a great deal to find ordinary people do that special thing: live a fulfilled life as a Hindu, and to learn, and hear, and be inspired.

    Good to be here.

    Om Namah Shivaya.

  • Dayanand B Saxena

    A book titled Goddesses in World Mythology by Martha Ann of Columbia University has listed 9500 goddesses worshipped across the world during 30000 BC to 5000 BC and the Indian list has 1000 deities some of whom are still worshipped. Publishers of this book are ABC-CLIO in USA.
    I wish to publish the Indian list with a material I have written re Mother Worship as a Universal Religion. Anyone known to the publishers could be of help to me. This publication could be of great interest to Indian readers.
    Dayanand B Saxena

  • Ryan Littleton

    Hello, Ryan from Missouri(Kansas city area). Non native hindu. My favorite online resource is probably Hinduism today. Also this blog. I have much less time foe study in general than i would like, so thats about all i can manage at the moment. (Small children are tricky, lol!)I read from the Shiva sutras of patalanji frequently.