What goes into initiation and initiatory traditions? How does it work, and who can be initiated? Are there circumstances where initiation just doesn’t work for whatever reason? And also, can self initiation occur and is it valid? Read more

Is technology inherently “unspiritual” or “unnatural”? How has technology impacted our spirituality and occult practices? It certainly has impacted mine, but it’s always been a major part of my life. Read more

What you think Wicca is isn’t all of Wicca, and your Wicca may not be my Wicca, and that’s okay. So why exactly is it popular to beat on Wicca in occult forums, anyhow? Read more

What happens when egos run unchecked in both spiritual and occult communities, and what can we do about examining our own behavior in order to prevent this from happening? Read more

How have ancient Greeks celebrated the summer solstice, and what are ways that modern Hellenists can celebrate today? It’s a no brainer to consider Apollo, but there are other traditions around this time of year as well. Read more

It’s time to move on from overly simplistic, black and white notions of what our spirituality and mystical practices are about. Read more

What polytheists and pagans need to question, think about, and reconsider in order to better understand our traditions and faiths. Read more

An Etruscan polytheist and priestess of Apollo has put her artistic skills to work on creating an amazing Apollo Oracle deck that is currently on Kickstarter. The pictures are gorgeous and have to be seen in order to be believed! Here’s more information on the deck and the artist herself. Read more

Hekate is an extremely popular goddess with many aspects and attributes, including her role in mediating between the living and the dead, and witches with magic. In this post I’ll explore both her ancient and modern aspects within Hellenism. Read more

How does one start to practice magic? What should people new to ANY magical tradition know before embarking on the path? The amount of information is overwhelming, who knows where to even begin? Some practical words of wisdom for anyone who could use a good how-to primer. Read more

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