From pantsuits to conference-room carpets, she’s worn them all. Hillary Clinton: “Style Icon”

Fashion week in New York can mean only one thing: a bunch of looney designers dressed a bunch of stick-thin women in hideous rags most people wouldn’t be caught dead in and called it stylish. But you might be surprised who inspired the looks this year: that famous “style icon,” Hillary Clinton. [Read more…]

A tale of two whites: Guess which one is racist

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There’s an old rule that states never wear white after Labor Day. But there’s a new rule: Never wear white if you’re a Republican because that means you’re a racist. [Read more…]

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The shortest verse in a Democrat’s bible: “Bill slept”

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Did anybody else notice how sleepy Bill Clinton was during his wife’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last week? [Read more…]

Super brave musicians take a break from luxury to support murder victims… with autographs?

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Nothing says, “I support victims of mass murder” like rolling out of bed, turning off your mansion’s alarm system and sending your armed security home just before e-mailing a facsimile of your autograph to be used in an anti-gun ad. [Read more…]

Like a lot of Americans, Michelle Obama isn’t a big fan of Hillary Clinton

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There could be a first lady cat fight of epic proportions brewing between current FLOTUS Michelle Obama and former FLOTUS Hillary Clinton. [Read more…]

Sweaty, unshaven man repulsed by Donald Trump


Who hasn’t shaved or stopped listening to his ’80s-model Sony Walkman cassette player since he left late night for good? David Letterman. But this near-street drifter is chiming in with those golden pipes once again his disdain for Donald Trump. [Read more…]

Hillary wore a $12,000 carpet and you’re sexist if you hated it

Rule number one in politics: Never make fun of a candidate’s wardrobe unless their name is Sarah Palin. [Read more…]

Obama partners with 9/11 truther who raps about young girls’ breasts and wanting bigger schlong

I wonder if President Obama was thinking of Macklemore’s latest rap in which he brags, “I kill the beat just like it’s a p****, And I eat it up and beat it up and leave it” when he was thinking of who to invite to help deliver his weekly presidential address. [Read more…]

The most uncomfortable thing you’ll ever see Hillary Clinton do

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No, it’s not cocaine. (Those are just rumors!) It’s a spoof of Forrest Gump, starring the former first lady and Bubba himself. [Read more…]

UPDATE: Loesch insults Trump fan’s flat breasts, not realizing she’d had a mastectomy

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The tweet of the 2016 Presidential race could possibly be this one: [Read more…]