From pantsuits to conference-room carpets, she’s worn them all. Hillary Clinton: “Style Icon”

Seriously, she’s either copping the style of a dictator or a walking advertisement for Rugs R Us. Read more

A tale of two whites: Guess which one is racist

One of these things is not like the other. Read more

The shortest verse in a Democrat’s bible: “Bill slept”

What is wrong with Bill Clinton? Read more

Super brave musicians take a break from luxury to support murder victims… with autographs?

Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Eddie Vedder, Britney Spears, Michael Bublé, Yoko Ono, and even Beck, joined 200 other artists and music industry executives who risked it all by sending an open letter to Congress that demands action to stop gun violence. And they did so with a music pun. Read more

Like a lot of Americans, Michelle Obama isn’t a big fan of Hillary Clinton

A new book details just how much Michelle Obama hates Hillary Clinton. Join the club! Read more

Sweaty, unshaven man repulsed by Donald Trump

Sweaty, unshaven television star repulsed by orange-skinned television star. You’ve entered The Repugnant Zone. Read more

Hillary wore a $12,000 carpet and you’re sexist if you hated it

Remember when making fun of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe was sexist? No? That’s because Democrats play by different rules. Read more

Obama partners with 9/11 truther who raps about young girls’ breasts and wanting bigger schlong

Get me that guy who sings about teenage breasts. — BO Read more

The most uncomfortable thing you’ll ever see Hillary Clinton do

Do we really want these people in the White House again? Read more

UPDATE: Loesch insults Trump fan’s flat breasts, not realizing she’d had a mastectomy

The Christian conservative #NeverTrumps who hate the Donald for — among other things — making fun of women, choose to mock his supporters for being women who just aren’t as pretty as they should be. Read more

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