Watch: Conservative Challenges NYT Reporter’s Claim that Democrats Have the ‘Moral High Ground’ on Sex Scandals

Let’s keep something in mind here… Read more

Al Franken’s Full Statement about Groping a Sleeping Woman without Her Consent

What does he have to say for himself? This. Read more

Photo Evidence: Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent

Democrats, here ya go — one of your esteemed liberals doing the unthinkable. Read more

VIDEO: Roy Moore Walks Into an Evangelical Gathering, Gets Standing Ovation

This video is not going to help evangelicals restore their credibility. Read more

Which Denomination Had the Highest Number of Pastors Listed as Endorsers for Accused Pedophile Roy Moore?

Which denomination had the highest number of pastors endorse accused pedophile Roy Moore? Read more

Romney Tweet: ‘Unfit’ Moore ‘Should Step Aside’

The former 2012 GOP nominee for President entered the political fray today with one tweet. Read more

Woman Alleges Roy Moore Initiated Sexual Contact When She was 14 and He 32: Here’s His Full Response

At first, he said it was a desperate political attack. Here’s his full response. Read more

You Won’t Believe who’s Responsible for the Racist Graffiti on This Man’s Car

A black man’s car at K-State was vandalized with racist slurs near the campus…. guess who did it? Read more

Texas Attorney General Angers Libs by Saying Texans Should Carry Weapons to Church

Well, this is not going to make liberals happy. Read more

Senator Rand Paul Assaulted at Home: 5 Broken Ribs

Was Paul attacked for political reasons? Read more

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