‘South Park’ Mocks Liberals — ‘Stop Preaching Facts to Me!’

Trump lives in the heads of media, rent free… and it’s fun for South Park to skewer that. Read more

Mom Notices Netflix Children Series Has Hidden Image of Male Genitalia

Well, this is unusual children’s programming. Read more

New Indy Movie Takes Marriage – and Faith — Very Seriously

A passionate debate currently rages between some cardinals and Pope Francis on this very topic, which makes this film incredibly relevant. Read more

Democrat Candidate Bases Ads on Top Gun – They’re as Bad As You Imagine

What’s next? An ad based on the Tom Cruise/Kelly McGillis sex scene? Read more

The Real Reason the ‘Presidents Club Hurricane Aid Video’ Didn’t Include Donald Trump

Was he snubbed? Read more

Here’s What’s Wrong with that Dumb Houston Cartoon That Mocked the Drowning Victims

The images of out of Houston have been heartbreaking and inspirational.  It’s been especially hopeful to see neighbor helping neighbor as well as the many expressions of faith. (more…) Read more

From pantsuits to conference-room carpets, she’s worn them all. Hillary Clinton: “Style Icon”

Seriously, she’s either copping the style of a dictator or a walking advertisement for Rugs R Us. Read more

A tale of two whites: Guess which one is racist

One of these things is not like the other. Read more

The shortest verse in a Democrat’s bible: “Bill slept”

What is wrong with Bill Clinton? Read more

Super brave musicians take a break from luxury to support murder victims… with autographs?

Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Eddie Vedder, Britney Spears, Michael Bublé, Yoko Ono, and even Beck, joined 200 other artists and music industry executives who risked it all by sending an open letter to Congress that demands action to stop gun violence. And they did so with a music pun. Read more

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