Wayfairing Woman: Home Sweet Home

a cottage with a thatched roof

Wandering the worlds is all fine and good but I rather enjoy having a home from which to depart and to which I may return. Home has taken on many forms over the years and it is from that place of self-knowledge and security that I step forth into the worlds. [Read more...]

The Rantin’ Raven: Telling Our Stories

a mature woman reading from a book

If you’re a member of any kind of linage, formal or informal, please ask more questions of those who’ve preceded you. How did this get in our Lore? What does it mean? How did you, dear teacher, get involved in all this, and why, and what was it like then? Who did you know and what were they like? Any idea they are now? [Read more...]

Adventures in Wortcunning: The Last Harvest

the front of a building labeled "Academy of Arcana"

It is a seasonal thing. It comes and goes with the changing of shop window decorations. Now ’tis the season of skimpy costumes and parties celebrating the dead and not quite gone: the last harvest. [Read more...]

The Lady’s Quill: Paganism, Theism, and Belief

a woman facing away from the camera with her arms raised

How do we determine if someone is Pagan? Do they join our events and participate in our communities? Do they support our rights to practice and believe as we think that Pagans should? Then I’ll say that they are Pagan. [Read more...]

Dandelion Seeds: How to Talk to Squirrel Spirits

a squirrel in a tree

Facebook quizzes that tell you if you’re a Bear or a Beaver person are hokey and we all know it. But how do you actually interact with the spirits? Get some ideas for working with the animals and environment around you in your own unique way. [Read more...]

Irish-American Witchcraft: Not That Kind Of Witch

A candle in a cauldron with burning incense between the words "Unappologetic Practitioner of Traditional Witchcraft"

We really gain nothing as a community, even a very loosely based and held together community, by judging and excluding each other for our differences. Our diversity should be a strength, not a weakness. [Read more...]

Seeking the Grail: The Wounded King (Part 2)

a staff and crown on a golden disk before a field of golden flames

Jean Shinoda Bolen writes, “If we are living in a spiritual wasteland of depression, despair, fears, anger, meaninglessness, emptiness, or addictions, an understanding of the [Grail] legend can teach us something about what ails us and what can heal us.” She goes on to say, “I realized that ‘what ailed me’ was directly related to what could heal me.” [Read more...]