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The Cartomancer: Spirit Personalities

Your imagination rules over your distinctions, but the inverse is also the case: your distinctions rule over your imagination. [Read more…]

The Blooming Staff: On the Papal World-Tree, or, An Esoteric Meditation on the Papacy

Nicholas Laccetti reflects on the history of occult interpretations of the Papacy, and what the office of the Pope could mean for esotericism today. [Read more…]

Star Made Witch: Five Witchcraft Resolutions for 2017

Many witches are feeling uncertainty for what the new year will hold. I’d like to suggest some resolutions to build a strong magical foundation for it. [Read more…]

Adventures in Wortcunning: New Year Gratitudes

As if turning the page on the calendar could make a difference, my gratitude that 2016 was over was a weight removed. I eagerly looked ahead to 2017. [Read more…]

Lamp & Labyrinth: Polytheistic Mysticism

Enlightenment isn’t a goal, it’s just a tool. Unfortunately, most people who consume content on mysticism aren’t getting the truth. [Read more…]

Irish-American Witchcraft: I Swear by Grass, I Swear by Grain

New Year’s resolutions make me think of oaths. Either way, people witness your words, but one’s only a personal statement and the other is a formal promise. [Read more…]

Seeking the Grail: Abused and Abuser

In the past years, since getting out of an abusive relationship, I’ve written a lot about abuse. Like many survivors, I learned one important technique to avoid future abuse: avoid abusers. But here’s the problem; abuse is the norm. [Read more…]

Full Frontal Magic: The Death of Modern Godforms

In modern times, we live in a society devoid of traditional myth making in relating to the natural world. In a way, the glamour, fame, and acclaim our modern stars receive seems like a modern secular replacement for these. [Read more…]

Book of Blackbirds: Grace

Human beings have created a world of artificial divisions and dichotomies, but this is merely one perception of the world, and a somewhat faulty one for all that. [Read more…]

Hills of the Horizon: A Christmas Carol

There has never been a convert to a new religion who didn’t carry something with them, I figure. Whether that something is traditional food for an old holiday, adapted to a new, or a set of customs, or some particular decorating habits, or whatever else, we cannot be where we are without giving due honor to where we have been. So the traditions carry on, and mutate, and become new things, continuations of the old ones. [Read more…]