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Blog Roll

I want to share some great recent posts on other blogs. 1.  Alison Leigh Lilly @ Peace, Poesis, and Wild Holy Earth talks about the “basics” of what she believes: “I believe that ritual, like poetry and art, can open us to more authentic relationship with the nature of things, the Song of the World, [Read More…]

Memorial for Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich, celebrated poet and feminist, passed away yesterday.  I know Rich mostly for the following poem which reminds me to beware of trying to get ready to live my life — which just causes me to miss out on it as it passes me by. Transcendental Etude No one ever told us we had [Read More…]

God is change. Shape God.

I recently finished reading Octavia Butler’s “Parable of the Sower”.  It’s set in the near future when the United States has all but collapsed due to economic pressures.  Theft, rape, and murder are the rule.  The heroine creates a new religion, which she calls “Earthseed” and which is adopted by a small community of refugees. [Read More…]

Teo Bishop: When ritual doesn’t goes as planned

Check out this wonderful post by Teo Bishop about a beautifully planned ritual that does not turn out as planned — and about how the unexpected can be a manifestation of the divine. [Read more…]

Poetry moment

I just wanted to share this.  I have this feeling more often than I care to admit … When you have been at war with yourself for so many years that you have forgotten why, when you have been driving for hours and only gradually begin to realize that you have lost the way, when [Read More…]

Family Spring Equinox Ritual

Here’s my outline for our upcoming family Spring Equinox celebration: Lord and Lady Day Spring Equinox Prelude: “Freya and Frey” chant by Thorn Coyle and Sharron Knight Hail to Freya, beauty of the North Seer of the hidden realms within Whose golden braids entwine the hearts of lovers Be welcome, lusty queen of wild things [Read More…]