Mysteria Misc. Maxima @ Invocatio: a blog *mostly* about Western esotericism

For a few months now, I’ve been following the weekly Mysteria Misc. Maxima posts at the Invocatio blog, “a blog *mostly* about Western esotericism”, which is written by former journalist turned religious studies student and esotericist Sarah Veale.  Veale brings together other blog posts and news items of interest to esotercists and the like.  There are usually items that I think would be of interest to Pagans, so I want to draw your attention to it and invite you to check it out.  This week the post brings together news about Jesus’s wife, Mormons (another favorite topic of mine), a schism in atheism (“Atheism Plus”?), a BBC special on druids, MTV’s casting of witches etc., as well as links to Chas Clifton’s blog and (shameless self promotion to follow) this one.  Anyway, every week I find something of interest that I would have missed had it not been for M.M.M.  I actually went back and scoured all the prior posts.  It’s a treasure trove.  So check it out.  It not just for esotercists (new tagline?).

Church is no substitute for religion, Part 1: The Sunday Assembly and Religionless Church
Church is no substitute for religion, Part 2: The Spirituality Gap
Wish upon Ostara: Why I wish Ostara was called something else
Church is no substitute for religion, Part 3: Why we need Pagan shrines not “temples”
  • Sarah

    Thanks for the kind words, John! I’ve been enjoying your blog, too. Best wishes!

  • Spanish Moss

    Awesome. So adding that to me read list. Thanks for sharing.