Why This Pagan Won’t Be Honoring His Ancestors on Halloween

Is Halloween a holy day for you? Do you experience any dissonance with honoring the ancestors while others are trick-or-treating? [Read more…]

On Gods and Stained Glass Windows: A Response to Morpheus Ravenna

I’m glad that the stained glass windows are there, standing between me and the sun. They give me something beautiful to appreciate, something to relate to. I might sometimes go outside and stand in the direct sunlight and bask in its unmediated warmth – some mystical experiences are like that. But as wonderful as that experience is, I wouldn’t want to give up the stained glass windows. It’s true that all the colors of the rainbow exist within the white light of the sun, but I can’t appreciate them in that form. It’s just too hard for human beings to relate to an undifferentiated Oneness. We need diversity and color. [Read more…]

Why do you call yourself “Pagan”? — A Call for Articles at HumanisticPaganism.com

Tell us why you call yourself “Pagan”. Tell us what Paganism adds to your commitment reason and science. Send your articles and essays to humanisticpaganism [at] gmail [dot] com. [Read more…]

4 Things Every Aspiring Environmental Activist Should Know

I’m brand new at environmental activism.  One thing I have learned over the past year is that it is easy to get discouraged.  There’s four myths that I think contribute to this.  They can affect anyone who is environmentally active, but they especially affect those new to earth activism.  And so I want to rebut [Read More…]

Why “Pagan”? – An Atheist Pagan’s Response to a Theist

Why do we call ourselves “Pagan”? Why not just call ourselves atheists or humanists? What does the “Pagan” label add to our identity? [Read more…]

Believing In Our Myths, Without Believing Them

We need to find a way to live mythically, without taking our myths literally — to believe our myths, without believing in them. We need our myths to live by, but we also need to be conscious that we have a choice of which myths to live by. Not all myths are equal. And we really could use some good myths nowadays. [Read more…]