The Deep Ecology Tree

The Deep Ecology Tree October 21, 2014


This post concludes my month-long series on Deep Ecology, exploring its “roots”, “branches”, and “fruits”. A map is provided below. (And if anyone would like to design an interactive tree graphic for me, I would kiss your feet.)

Roots of the Deep Ecology Tree

The Transcendentalists, “An Original Relation to the Universe”

John Muir, “Prophet of the Wilderness”

Aldo Leopold, “Thinking Like a Mountain”

Rachel Carson, “A cry in the wilderness that changed the world”

The Neo-Pagans: “The Dirt Worshippers”

What is Deep Ecology?

Branches of the Deep Ecology Tree

The Gaia Theory: Reuniting our bodies and nature

Neo-Animism and Bioregionalism: Reuniting human and nature

Ecopsychology: Reuniting our minds and nature

Ecofeminism: Reuniting the masculine and nature

Interlude: The Maidens of the Wells: An ecofeminist myth

Ecotheology: Reuniting God and nature

Nature Religion: Reuniting religion  and nature

Fruits of the Deep Ecology Tree




Wilderness and Rewilding

Connecting with Nature

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