Guest post by Dan Navarra     I’ve often thought about the sense of urgency with which Christians live their lives in this great country of ours.  Over time, we’ve lost our edge.  Why don’t people share their faith anymore?  I think there is a lost appreciation of the balance one must have in knowledge and technique when it comes to sharing faith that is creating a massive hole in the growth of churches around the country. I remember a story about… Read more

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There are probably the four blogs I frequent the most. It’s late and I just downed some NyQuil (don’t judge) so I’m probably not thinking of a couple, but either way here are a few of em and some honorable mentions to go with: Honorable mentions:,, All you youth pastors/workers out there, if you’re interested you can check out the top 20 youth ministry blogs right now for 2011, put together by Adam… Read more

So I had the privilege of attending the National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC) this year. It’s always a great time. In short, Its a retreat for youth pastors, to learn, grow, connect, and refresh. Here’s a glimpse into the convention. It’s a party: It’s honestly become a tradition for me to go the convention on an annual basis, its usually held in San Diego at a resort-esque conference center, where we can go to seminars and learn, order in room… Read more

If you’ve never heard of these guys. You’re probably not saved. No just kidding. But at the NYWC this weekend the two guys came through and lead us in worship. Amazingly gifted, would be a fair description of them. Check out their website and new CD that just came out. This song is not on their new CD it’s probably over a decade old, but seems to never get old. Read more

Guest post from Shawn Stutz: Lately I have been reading the book of Acts.  It truly is a stunning book of miracles, divine messages, and bold messengers—as well as persecuting opponents. The gospel narrative is the launching pad and honest good-news living becomes the thrust of the book’s content. This first century marvel tells of life after death, missionaries and witches, conspiracies and conversions, and jail-breaks and shipwrecks. This second letter of Luke is full of adventure, wonder, and mystery…. Read more

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So many who know me, know my dream and ideal job is to be able to work in youth ministry at a local church while traveling and speaking to youth… Its taken me a while to muster up the courage to step into the process of making this dream a reality, But thought I’d share how I’m going about it, and things you can also do and keep in mind in pursuing your “dream job”… 1. Pursuing it- How many… Read more

In the summer of 2006, I took on my first internship, I was easily, there worst hire. Literally, I believe to this day that I was there worst hire. Ever. But they kept me there, though it was only for a summer, they pushed through and endured my ignorance, my “know it all” attitude, my frustration towards the church as a whole. And for that I am thankful. And because of that I did grow, and learn from the situation,… Read more

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