Pioneer Prophet on the Road

Pioneer Prophet on the Road September 9, 2012

Fortunately not by handcart.

For any of our readers in Utah (and their friends), I’m going to be in the Beehive State this week talking about Brigham Young in Logan, Provo, and Salt Lake City.

Tuesday, Sept. 11:
Utah State University, Old Main Room 225, 4:30 p.m.

Thursday, Sept. 13:
Brigham Young University, Varsity Theatre, 11:00.  

Thursday, Sept. 13:
Benchmark Books, Salt Lake City.

For details on the above talks, see (still working out a few kinks on the website).

Closer to my home, I have an event at Politics & Prose on Sept. 21 and the Fall for the Book Festival on Sept. 28.

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  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    I have read some very positive reviews and plan to purchase your biography of Brigham Young.
    I hope that you will have had a chance during your visit to go by Temple Square and note that, aside from the white marble statue of the Christus by the Danish artist Thorvaldsen that is visible through the curved window of the North Visitor Center, the other statues around the LDS Church property are mainly bronze, i.e. are dark brown. I only bring this up because you had written a blog that mentioned the observation by one of your peers that the Christus statue was an expression of racism, not simply a white marble copy of a white marble original that used the same material as classical statues of Greek and Roman civilization. The bronze statues around Temple Square depict Brigham Young (including the famous one on the big pedastal that sits at the head of Main Street at the literal center of the city) and of Joseph Smith, including ones that depict him being ordained by John the Baptist and by the apostles Peter, James and John, all of whom are likewise made of dark brown bronze. How does that hypothesis about the Christus hold up when you add the many brown statues into the mix?

    Anyway, you should also wander around Temple Square and talk top the young women missionaries who are guides, and come from dozens of different countries. Ask them if they think they are being discriminated against.

    What reminded me of this was the arrival of my National Geographic magazine, which has a story about Rio de Janeiro, whose symbol is the 200 foot high Christ the Redeemer, a big WHITE statue that looks out over the millions of very brown Brazilians who crowd the beaches of the city, with ancestry Native American, European, and African. And a million Japanese Brazilians (one was my Japanese language instructor in Hawaii)! Oh, and by the way, about a million of those Brazilians are Mormon.