New Year’s Resolution: Read More Books!

Happy New Year! I have routinely resolved at the New Year that I’d like to read more, and to read more intentionally. (Of course, a major part of my job as a history professor is reading, and much of that reading is pleasurable, but I am talking about the kind of non-professional reading I do in the evenings or on weekends.) My new Baylor colleague Alan Jacobs encourages us to embrace the freedom to read at whim, but I also suspect many of us would find it a relief to have some sort of reading plan, to help us create order out of the millions of possible reading choices.

Tony Reinke’s Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books tipped me off to Pastor Mark Dever’s “Christian Classics Curriculum,” one of the most coherent such plans I have seen for church history. Dever sets out a monthly reading schedule on major topics in Christian/Protestant/Reformed history, starting with selections from the early church and ending with recent evangelical authors such as J.I. Packer, John Stott, and John Piper. Check out Dever’s plan here — and happy reading!

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